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I will ever clear HPV?

Hello, I'm 23 years old, i have HPV (type 31) and CIN 1 on my cervix. I've heared that HPV with high risk don't make warts, but i have warts in my vagina and anus. I also feel a pain into my troat (this paint is in my troat for more than 3 months, a doctor looked into my troat, but he saw nothing). PS: Now i'm eating very healthy, take vitamin A,C,E, Goldenseal, Organic Selenium, Isoprinosine.

1. Do you think I have HPV (type 31) in my troat too? If "yes", it will cause cancer?
2. What can i do to get better?
3. I can live with HPV high risk without causing cancer?
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1. You can get an oral cancer screening from your dentist. Some have special lights or a rinse for you to determine the presence of HPV in your throat. Oral cancer does occur but the numbers are very low compared to the number of people who have had oral sex.You could also go see an ENT doctor about your throat. That doctor will throw a scope into your nose and then down your throat for a better exam.

2. Besides the pills you are taking, take Zinc and Folic Acid. Exercise often, get more rest, reduce stress, no cigs, reduce booze intake esp ales and beer, etc.

3. Yes. But keep testing yourself yearly.
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Thank you for the answer!
I'm sure i dont have cancer in my troat right now, because i done oral sex for the first time, like 7 months ago, but the pain appeared 3 months ago.
1) I have 1 more question, i can eat daily this: Royal Jelly and ground pollen ??? (I hope this will not feed HPV)

Have a nice day and thank you a lot!
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have them laser removed and immediately start using an aldara and celebrex combo for a year. tell your doc you are really stiff or something to get the celebrex... maybe do some research and tell your doc what he/she needs to hear because insurance isn't going to cover it for your warts but it has been proven to work. it's not FDA approved yet.. too new of a treatment.  There is an HIV drug that cures HPV as well, it's called Lopinavir - also not FDA approved for HPV.

you need to laser remove them first because it's very hard to get clearance with a lot of warts.... removing them removes a some of the virus in your system and will likely lead you to clearance.

sorry, wish it was easier.
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Thank you very much! I have a problem in my country nobody heared of Lopinavir, you got any ideea where i can find this (maybe a site to order)????
Please help with this Lopinavir!!!

Now i'm in pain, my doctor use Aldara Cream for my cervix and my entire genital is chemical burned :((, this really hurts.
But i can do whatever is necessary to stay alive :D.
Don't be sorry because is hard, im so gratefull you told me, and it's my fault because i trust a man, i was very naive, i didnt know how evil can be some people, they can kill you indirectly :(.
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I don't know where you live but in the US, Lopinavir is available by prescription only.  I don't think it is even available by it's self but only in combination with another drug. I do not know where you could buy it online but if you find a place, please share it.  I would like to know myself. I thought I read it was fairly available in Africa but I really don't know. Wish I could help more.

I was reading about a heartburn medication called Tagamet (Cimetidine), it's possible it MIGHT help. It should be easy to find.  Worth a shot, right?

Keep an eye on this page, i'm going to try to add as much info as I can in the coming days/weeks.
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i'll try to write the link a couple different ways to try and get it to so you can follow it:
http:// www facebook com/the.off.label

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