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Is HPV a death sentence?

I’ve previously posted on here before. I am a 26 year old female that was recently diagnosed with HPV. It has yet to be determined what strand I have. On my initial pap it says HPV mRNA E6/E7 which to my understanding only tests for high risk HPV strands and that I have epithelial cell abnormality. Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance. I later went to get a colposcopy where my GYN states that I am low risk and didn’t see anything on my cervix. She wasn’t even going to do a biopsy of any kind but just did in case. So does this mean that I have a high risk strand? I have never had any sort of genital warts like some with low risk strands say they have seen. I was also advised to get the Gardasil shot? But why? If I have a high risk strand?
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I think what your gyn meant was that you are at low risk from bad things happening from your high risk hpv. Your pap detected a high risk hpv strain. You can learn a lot from simple internet research, and I also invite you to check out hollyv"s posts on your concerns. She doesn't post here anymore, but she was highly trained in all thing woman hpv.

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