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Is the HPV???

Ok,  Here is the deal..  I was with this girl for about a year and a half.    Then we split up.  And about 8 months latter i noticed this wart.  Or what i thought at the time might be a skin tag.  It was not on my penis but on the base.   And i use to shave there to i figured it was just some kind of tag.  And did not itch or bother me one bit.  SO i ripped it off...  Bleed lightly for a min or so and that was that... Didn't think about it again... Untill about a week and a half ago.  I trimmed down there and noticed a few more on the base.  And without thinking i just ripped them off with some tweezers,  Same thing, Stung for a min and bleed lightly then seemed to be pretty healed up now.  But then just last weekend i noticed several wart looking things on my shaft.  So then i got a  little worried and started looking up things online.  Come to find that they might be genital warts,  They don't look 100% like the pictures i seen but maybe they were not as bad is all i figured.  But i noticed i probably have close to 20 lil ones.  So i started putting tea tree oil on them the last 3 or so days.  through out the day.   It has not made much difference as of yet though,  I also tried soaking them in vinegar.  To see if they turn out white.  Witch they didn't seem to do.  Here are some pictures that might help.  I just want to confirm if its HPV.  I know the best thing is to see a DR.  
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Hi there,
I have to be honest with you, they do look like warts. Get yourself off to the doctor and get them treated, the sooner you do this the sooner your immune system can get the upper hand and you can clear the virus. Try abstien from sex or genital-genital contact as it is contagious. Bare in mind also that it is not necessarily your ex you got it from, as it can lie dormant for years.
Take care and good luck!
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aww...I'm sorry. Those pictures that I seen of yours, It looks just like my friends. His ex girlfriend had HPV.He knew he had HPV from her. He was living his life with no symptoms from the HPV for almost 3 years, the last week outta no where he had 5 Genital Warts on his penis. he honestly hasn't slept with anyone in 10-11 months either. It was so strange. Just go to the doctor, and he'll freeze them off.My friends doc told him 50% of the sexuallly active people in the world have HPV. and a lot of them don't even know they had it untill a year, month, or week later, the when the warts start popping up. Some people just never get warts and the HPV goes away.
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Ya that's what i figured.....  I have done allot of research on it.. At first i was all freaked out,  And upset since i never really went sleeping around as to try and avoid something like this. But now i'm really not worried... I don't think having HPV is a big deal at all.  Since it seems so many people have it.  Actually i have continued to use apple cider vinegar on them once a day and tea tree oil through out the day.  And most of them are just about gone....  And its only been 5 days.  At first it didn't seem like it was working the first few days.  but now i know it is.. And i rather use this instead of the prescribed stuff that has side effects and takes longer it seems.   I also quit smoking again.  Witch maybe that's why they came out because i been smoking again for a while and stop taking my vitamins.  Witch i started again as well.

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