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Is this HPV? Multiple symptoms.

Around the time I started being sexual with my ex I got a very constantly itchy throat and ears and vaginal infection. The Worst infection of my life, it burned, bladder pain, had to use ice, felt chills and hot, body Aches. White thick discharge. Tested for everything BUT hpv. I never looked closely at the back of my throat until now but here's a pic. I also noticed some bumps in vaginal area too. I did vinegar test on outer labia and the bump turned white so does that mean hpv???

Throat: are those pin point dots above uvula normal? And what are the yellow masses in back of throat? I also circled a bump under my tonsil. There are many of these under both tonsils that are hard to see.


Labia: these bumps itched until I looked and noticed they were there. I had no idea.


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I hate to tell you this but it's impossible to opine from a pic. Your other symptoms obviously aren't or weren't warts, And what you show in this pics must be looked at by a doctor or dermatologist. That's the only way. The throat fears are almost certainly unfounded if that helps there at all.
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