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My wife has hpv. I Have never been sexual with anyone else in my life at all.

My wife just had a positive result for HPV from her Pap screening.
We have been together 22 years.
I have never sexually touched another woman. I was a virgin when I met her.
She promises that she only lost her virginity to one man before me. and has been faithful to me.
Is this usual / possible that it only just reared it head after all this time? It's obviously giving me some doubt about her sexual fidelity.
I am heart broken but trying my best to support her and be level headed . I love her . She's my soulmate.

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Hey there. Sorry to hear about the emotional distress this is causing you. Hopefully you've done more research since your post and have learned some things to calm yourself down.

I don't know much about this area, but you should search this forum for hollyv. She used to answer questions years back and she knew what she was talking about. I'm sure you'll find plenty of pertinent posts on her profile.
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Thanks for the reply skaterdave. Yes I have done alot of research. It awful how this is effecting alot of couples in this way.
Just hard to belive HPV can lie dormant for such a long time. But it seems possible.
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It is, but it's really not a big deal either. Certainly no one wants it, but the chances of anything bad happening are very low. In your wife's case, it could even be a false positive. You say you have done a lot of research. Have you perused hollyv"s posts yet? I'd look there as her knowledge base directly applies to your situation. Here's the address:

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Thanks again Skaterdave . That's a wealth of info you and Hollyv  have provided me.  really appreciate your assistance I'm amazed at how many cases are similar to mine.
Blessings to you for your good work.
We are feeling a,ot better about the whole thing .

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Thougth I would update this incase anyone serches for this kind issue in the future.

My wife  had a colposcopy and nothing was found but they took 3 biopsies to be safe.
The biopsies came back Positive for HPV and CIN2

She will be having Treatment to remove the Cin2 and hpv ( LEEP procedure)

At times It's still very difficult for me to accept that this HPV has been dormant since she lost her virginity at 15,  she's now 38.
Our doctor said it's very possible that Hpv was dormant.
Anyway this has  kind of bougtht us closer together.
So hopefully this Leep procedure will cure it and we can move on.

I just hope that as I have been exposed to HPV that I dont re-infect her.


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Thank you for updating it really does help. Can I ask if she was up to date with her Paps?
Yes she has Always had clear Paps.
This situation is very very common.
After more research it is very possible that this HPV was activated due to the fact My wife had a comprimised immune system due to appendix issues.

I see, thank you so much for answering
I pray she has a speedy recovery
Yes. Thanks for the update. If it were me Auth my experiences of my own, wart strains of HPV, I'd just believe her. It's a weird virus, and, even though it has characteristic behaviors, anything is possible with it, too. Especially considering how long it takes for hpv to develop into cancerous cells (which can be between 20 and 30 years), it taking this long to show up with your wife isn't really all that doubt inducing. Plus, she'll be fine health wise. Keep that marriage strong and long!

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