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Question regarding possible Oral HPV? :o

First off, 'ello. I've been monitoring this website for awhile now and finally decided to join in on all the discussion.

So, here's a little background story:
First off, I just turned 18. I'm male, and am a little out of shape (which I'm currently working on! :D). I've had Genital warts for a little under 3.5 years now. To save you the trouble of doing the math; I was young. But the long, depressing story aside, I've recently been able to suck-it-up and seek treatment for my condition which comes in a nice little box labeled Aldara. I assume most of you are familiar with this product? :P

Anywho, I've finally gotten over the whole "ohmigawd I have HPV, my life is ruined, I should go live off as a hermit somewhere in the mountains" stage of my life and have begun to slowly "creep out my shell," so-to-speak.

All because I'm fancy for a girl, naturally.

Now, obvious conflicting emotions of "wanting to be with her" and "keeping her ten feet away" aside, I do have something new that nags at the back of my mind; possible oral HPV? >___>;

I've noticed for a *long* while now (I can't for sure say if they were present pre- or post-encounter, hence my hesitation) that at the middle of my top lip and in the corners of my mouth I have small white "flecks" under my outter-lip skin. They don't hurt, they don't itch, they just kinda sit there. They're not even really noticable unless you get up close.....but still, the thought of ignoring it and possibly spreading the disease without talking it over with my (hopefully-but-also-not-hopefully) partner twists my stomach in knots.

Now, I've researched this case to the best I could (there doesn't seem to be a lot of articles on Oral HPV on the internet which are worth their weight in salt, go figure) and here's what I've found:

-It could possibly be Oral HPV, which I've read is rare
-It could just be oil glands
-And this one isn't founded on any medical advice, but maybe having chapped lips for most of my life (I used to detest chapstick, but now I suffer through it for the sake of keeping up appearances) could have a role to play? Though honestly, I'm not exactly holding my breath regarding this crackpot theory.

Now, also keep in mind that when my "exchange" (for lack of a better word) first happened, I was the only one to receive, and it was done orally. My mouth wasn't using in any part of this rendezvous at all; oral or simple kissing included, so the only way I could've spread the HPV to my mouth would be via hand-to-mouth (after washing my hands when I'm "done," so to speak) or via other method like a towel.

I've already scheduled a doctor's visit (technically a referral, since my doctor told me to see a dermatologist since he wasn't sure) with Kaiser Permanente, but it's not until St. Patrick's Day, and I was wondering if anyone out there would mind helping me to prepare with a buffer of information?

TL;DR? (Too Long, Didn't read): Can I spread HPV/Warts from my genitals to my mouth through a third-party such as hands or a towel? If not, are there any items which COULD transfer the warts?

Sorry for the long post, but I felt that getting it all out there might offer some kind of...I don't know..."advantage" to diagnosing my condition? (Even though I know I'm not to trust any advice on this forum as medical truth, and should still agree to meet with my dermatologist).

Any help is much appreciated. :)
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Hi there! Well I don't have any new information on oral cancer caused by hpv. However, what you're describing sound like fordyce spots, which are perfecting natural to have. In fact, most people do have them and if you look a little closer you might find you also have them down south.

I know just what you mean about the battle between wanting someone close and also wanting to keep them away. It seems like the lack of information on hpv has really done a number on you! The good news is after you have them removed, you are no longer considered contagious if you do not experience a recurrence within 6 months! Here's something else to think about: my ex-fiance had genital warts when we started dating 6 years ago and to this day I've never experienced them. Not sure if that means I didn't get the strain (although I assume I did) or if my immune system simply fought it off quickly.

Now a lot of information about hpv is basically speculation because no one can really say for sure at this point, but the majority of information I've come across says that you cannot acquire hpv through use of inanimate objects and that hpv cannot be spread through your hands.

Did you opt for the Aldara? Kaiser is usually really great about these things and can remove genital warts right there in the office. I won't lie, I've been told by a couple people the treatment does hurt quite a bit, but that it's totally worth it, esp because their warts did not come back.
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Really? Everything I've researched thus far has told me that I can continue to spread HPV even if I do or do not have any visible symptoms. Though, if you could possibly link me to where you read this, I'd be really interested to look into it! :D

But alas, I'm still showing signs after 3+ years and about a month on Aldara, which I did and didn't opt for. The temp doctor I saw (my regular doctor was out for thanksgiving break) kinda just said "Here use this, it's really good." And when I asked about things like cryo or laser treatment, he said "Let's take this one step at a time."

But even then I assumed it's because my warts aren't even that well pronounced and aren't nearly as bad as half the cases shown on the internet. @w@ There's just like little pimples that never go away and don't "pop."

And yeah, I've also looked into Forcyde(sp?) Spots, which is what I'm currently hoping it is.

But in the worst-case scenario, how exactly do you treat oral warts? I'm pretty sure you don't rub aldara onto a toothbrush, if you catch my drift, lol. And does oral HPV *always* have to be cancerous? And speaking of cancer, how can you tell if you have penile cancer? My doctor and the internet told me how rare it is, but are there any warning signs I should look for?

Thanks for the response, by the way. I'll continue to check back every day or so. :)
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Any other possible info you guys and gals may wish to contribute? :P
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