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I have recently been diagnosed with Genital Warts, I have been more than devastated.  I have been doing non-stop research ever since and hope a doctor can clear a few things up.

On this forum Dr. Handsfield says that once warts are gone you can begin to behave like a normal person again.   My dermatoligist says that once you hit 2 years without a breakout that the HPV has been reduced to such a small level its insignificant.  What is true here, I would hate nothing more than to mess up someones life like mine has been.

Few more questions:
1) Let's say I get to the 2 year mark without a breakout, does whatever strain of HPV I carry always result in warts or is that purely random and most people will never know they have it?

2)  What are the chances that I just stop getting breakouts, do most people just get them forever?

3) Do I need to take a bunch of crazy precautions to not accidentily infect friends and family?

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After 6 months - 2 years without any symptoms, 90% of people never go on to experience warts again or pass the virus on. Therefore as the risk is so low to keep having outbreaks, Drs advise after that time to live normally.

1) Some people with the same strain as you will never have symptoms and never know they have the virus. I think the majority of people don't show symptoms of the virus but some do.

2) Something like 70% do not experience symptoms again after 6 months of showing no symptoms. After 2 years of no symptoms, 90% never show symptoms again. 10% struggle for a little longer, or show symptoms years later out of the blue.

3) No not at all. It is usually only passed on through penetrative vaginal/anal sex. Rarely it is passed through oral sex or genital to genital rubbing. It is not passed through kissing, touching, baths etc.
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I have a follow up question if you would be so kind.   I am pretty confident I know who gave this to me, I had not had contact with anyone else within a year of her.   Do females not get checked for HPV regularly? How would she not know she has it?  Or is it only visible warts that the doctors detect so if she was one of the many that do not show symptoms she would have never known.
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For the low risk strain that causes warts, it is not generally 'tested' for as only recently have there been tests made available (i.e. the blood test). Usually when it comes to warts, they are only diagnosed visually, so unless she had symptoms she may not of realised she had it, or she may of had it in the past and thought she had built immunity fom the virus and no longer was contagious
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Also I think the blood test is only for high risk strains, it is also known to be unreliable at times
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Another thing to consider is the stigma that is attached to HPV, a stigma that you buy into heavily and one that is misplaced or flat out wrong.  Take a moment to step back from the specific culture you may have grown up in that makes you feel so bad for getting some warts.  I feel I am one to talk as I also had a super stigma meltdown and all the associated thoughts that go with it.  Over time I began to see HPV for what it is, a transient skin condition that happens to prefer the genital skin cell type.  It's super common, over half of sexually active adults will get it in their lifetime (some will never know it as you're research has shown), there are no known health risks from genital warts as far as I know, and it's no big deal all in all.  So you got some HPV.  Join the club of millions, no, tens of millions.  You'll be fine and this'll all be over soon.  My infection lasted exactly one year and by 18 months I had gone six months without anymore outbreaks and now it's been over two years since my last outbreak.  It'll happen to you too.

I just say all this stuff because I hate to think of you suffering needless mental anguish that you don't need to go through.  The correct perspective will help you immensely.  good luck
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Vandykd3 - I really appreciate your perspective, its opinions like yours that take me off the proverbial ledge or depression about this.  It will still be a pretty long year before I can live a somewhat normal life and begin dating again.

Just to clarify, you got outbreaks for 12 months? Is that the normal time period?

If I were to meet someone else with HPV, would I be extending my infectious period since we could have different strains?   As a male, there is no way to find out if I have a high or low risk strain is there?

Thanks again, you are helping me out immensely!  

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