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Will HPV/Genital Warts go away even after 5 years?


As an uneducated and naive 18 year old I managed to catch genital warts back in 2005. It was just the one wart and I used a herbel remedy to remove it (well, I thought it had removed it). I was unaware of genital warts at the time, how it was caught etc and presumed that once it had gone that was that. About 10 months later I began a relationship and approximately 8 months into that relationship she developed warts to my shock and surprise. She was more informed about what to do and went to the clinic where she had them treated - unfortunately, a few months later I then developed about 4 or 5 more little ones which I semi-treated by using warticon cream - they never fully went, the relationship ended for other reasons and I decided to just leave them be. Is it possible that the virus managed to spread on myself during this relationship? About 3 years had passed and I decided to try and get rid of them once and for all - I have had several cyrotherapy treatments and also I use warticon cream - they both work initially - but then the same warts come back within a week - I must be on my 6th cycle of treatment at least by now and yet they still keep recurring - in one instance a new one has appeared at a completely different location. I went to my GP to request aldara cream as I believe this has a better clearance rate but he refused to prescribe it - just referring me back to the GUM clinic.

After having this for 5 years, does this mean I'm doomed to having them recurring persistently for the rest of my life? Will they ever go away for any longer than a week to a month? Could my immune system still defeat the virus or should I give up all hope? I am a very healthy, active person, I dont smoke - although I do drink alcohol most weekends.

I am now in a new relationship, who I have informed of my situation - what are the chances of her both contracting the virus, and furthermore actually developing physical symptoms? We have been sexually active (always using a condom) for 3 months now and there appear to be no symptoms. Also, should she contract the virus - is it likely to then make my own symptoms worse?

Finally, I have a warm sensation (not quite burning, but just an irritable warming sensation) which feels as if it is all around my penis, anus and possibly scrotum - it almost feels like a burning feeling within my body rather than externally - it also doesnt appear to be where any warts are visibly present - could this have anything to do with HPV? I am clear of all other STIs.

Many thanks in advance for your answer - I have searched the internet looking at all sorts of answers but none are ever direct to my own symptoms. I have also spoken to the doctors and nurses at the clinics who have provided me with different answers.
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It is very unfortunate that you waited 3 years before trying to get rid of those warts, because warts are easy to get rid of if you get them treated as soon as possible. I also am not aware of any herbal remedies that scientifically work.

It is very rare that after 5 years, a person still gets warts however it happens. Never give up hope, because you can still beat the virus. I don't understand why your doctor isn't giving you aldara, can you not go somewhere else? I don't think aldara works for a lot of people, however it worked wonders for me, but then again I only had one or two small bumps. There are other treatment options you can look into. It may just be that your body isn't reacting well to the current treatment and you need to try something else.

It's good you found someone open minded. Tell her to get the guardisil shots which protect against 2 strains of HPV which cause 90 percent of warts. Then it should be unlikely for her to get the virus from you, providing she gets all 3 shots over 6 months.

If she were to catch it from you, it would have no impact on your warts. You would then both hold the same strain and no differences to your sex life would need to be made.

I have not heard of burning being associated with HPV, although each individual case is different. You should get that checked out, maybe its a fungal infection?

Your doing the right things by keeping healthy. Maybe cut down on drinking and stress and look into a range of vitamin supplements, there are specific ones great for combating genital warts.
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it stays with you all life. I have only heard stories of getting them cured. I personally have genital warts since 2014 and they have not gone. Reality is bitter then fiction. doctors and online ppl will tell you anything do not belive its a virus which never goes away. Sorry but thats fact. Best option tell her honestly if love is true she wont leave else you better off without her anyway. My x left me and I am back to see hookers what can you do? True love doesnt exist. Its what humans do cheat and betray live with it.

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