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Will genital warts ever stop breaking out?

Hi, I am a 26 year old male

I've been going through hell over the past 4/5 years with new warts appearing every 3/6/9 months on my penis. They're always very small, either under my foreskin or on my penis shaft and sometimes in clusters.

I have had unprotected sex since my first onset of warts and I am now in a relationship of 8 months always having unprotected sex. She says she has had the HPV vaccinations so I assumed I can't give her my warts and she cannot transfer any new HPV to me (as she is vacccinated). Although I am aware I could have contracted any other strains of HPV from any of the other girls I have slept with unprotected.

My question is, will these warts ever stop appearing now I am in a monogamous relationship with a girl who is vaccinated? I have been using Warticon cream for over 4 years but I keep getting new warts and also old ones reappear after I've applied cream to them.

Also, does the possibility of having more than one strain of HPV make the clearance of HPV harder? And the wart occurrence more likely?

I just feel like I am stuck with this forever as sometimes I go 6 - 9 months without warts then one month I'll have lots of brand new clusters in different parts of my penis.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Also, does the possibility of having more than one strain of HPV make the clearance of HPV harder? And the wart occurrence more likely?

I just feel like I am stuck with this forever as sometimes I go 6 - 9 months without warts then one month I'll have lots of brand new clusters in different parts of my penis.

Hey Man, sorry to hear about your ordeal.  That's rough and I feel for you.  I've had wart outbreaks three times since 2010 for about a year each time so I can related to some degree with what you're going through.  It's certainly not ideal, but it's not the end of the world that we feel at the beginning which is great to know.  Anyway...

No doubt you've learned from your reading that low-risk HPV types and 6 and 11 are responsible for around 90% of all wart outbreaks.  This happens to be the two types of low-risk strains the vaccine protects against with like 90% or so efficacy.  Playing the odds, this or these may be the strains your dealing with.  Maybe you have one or maybe you have both or maybe you have a combination of one or both and another, less common variant.  You'll never know unless they start testing men for strain types.  If you have multiple strains, you could have gotten them from the same woman or from different women throughout your years of unprotected sex.  I'm sure you know all of this as you seem to indicate.  Unfortunately, we'll never know exactly where we fall in the category so maybe you've a unique combo of types or maybe your immune system is the differentiating factor from others regarding your long history of intermittent outbreaks.  It's very hard to say and certainly all we can do is opine on the possibilities and then be cool about it.  

Regarding your question, yes, I believe these warts will stop appearing now that you are in a monogamous relationship.  If it lasts, you've eliminated the variable of new partners and their complicated and unknown sexual histories (protected or unprotected).  It could take another year or two, though, but I do believe it will resolve.  

As far as the cream goes, I'd say you can keep using it as warts appear, or stop using it altogether and go get them frozen or otherwise burnt off as they arise. That's what I've done. I've never used a cream.  I've no scarring either.  Having more than one strain of wart would intuitively make occurrences more likely from my armchair vantage point, but I can't say scientifically.  Would it be harder to clear?  I feel I can't even offer an opinion on that one.  I simply have no idea.  

You have  lucky draw here in that  your partner has had the vaccine and seems to understand HPV and it seems you've been honest about it.  That's all anyone with HPV really needs is a partner who gets it.  I'd expect the best outcome and feel grateful to have the partner you do.  That's super awesome.  Anyway, best of luck and keep that attitude positive and forward looking.  Cheers.
Hi Dave

Many thanks for your words. Even though it has been over 4 years this still does affect me mentally quite severely sometimes, so it is good to know you believe it will clear.

I think I've probably got more than one strain as I see most people cleared the virus within 2 years or sometimes a bit longer. Over the years I've smoked heavily and take recreational drugs, and barely excersiced so I think it is time to take some healthy steps towards boosting my immune system.

On another note do you know of, or have you taken any sort of immune supplement that may help beat this virus?

Well, to be blunt, you're just going to have to suck it up and quit smoking. It'll be difficult, no doubt, but the rewards are on every level. None of your habits and no supplement can yield anywhere near the same result as cessation of smoking. Do it no matter how tough it gets. Other than that, just walking and hydrating is great as well as avoiding junk and processed non-foods most of the time. You'll be fine in the longer run, I'm convinced, and you'll want to adopt those habits to maximize your life joy well into older age. Best of luck. You can do it!
Thanks Dave! Ever since my last wart break out I quit smoking, it's been about 2 weeks now so hopefully the is the start to something new.

Do you think it is possible that my clearance period has been elongated / lengthened due to smoking and taking party drugs over the years? Just wondering whether it's 'too late' and my body has accepted the virus which is why it's repeating. Just concerned that it's been 4 years and I've seen barely any progress.
That's great to hear! Don't start again. The discomfort of quitting is nothing to the suffering it brings later in life. Trust me, I know. I'm proud of you.

Yes, I believe your smoking may have contributed to the length of your outbreaks, but I can't definitively back that up. I can say, confidently, that it's not too late. Your body wants to be healthy and function properly despite your best efforts to hinder it so it'll bounce back. No need to get ocd crazy either. Don't smoke, walk a lot or a moderate amount, and stay away from junk and processed non-foods most of the time. You'll be fine.
Thanks Dave. Your words do give me hope so hopefully if I change my lifestyle my body should react accordingly.

Also hoping some clever scientists will develop a drug to combat this virus directly, if you have any news on this please share!

How long has it been since your third outbreak?
My first outbreak was in January of 2010 and lasted exactly a year with my last outbreak occurring in January of 2011.  Then, I went a little over two years getting some more in 2013 sometime.  That lasted about a year, too, but can't quite remember how often my outbreaks occurred.  My third bout occurred at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 sometime and I only had a couple/few outbreaks lasting half a year or less.  I think that one was due to extreme stress, but I don't know.  I chose to have unprotected sex again once I'd gone almost a year without any  new outbreaks so I could easily have contracted a new strain each time.  Tough to say.  
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Hey guys I have a question. Does HPV cause coughing

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