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how can hpv affected a male with ms?

I have recently found out i have HPV virus. High grade, not cancerous as of yet. i discovered this through warts which have been gone for at least 8 months now. i was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend through out that time and still have been. My boyfriend has MS and is injecting himself 3 times a week with interferon. I would like to know if his health is at risk? should we start to use protection/condoms now? is it still safe for us to have sexual relations?
i have been to a number of gynocologists and they seem to have different responses. One even told me i didn't have to tell him. im not understanding. please help
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The first thing, the strains of hpv those cause genital warts or any other warts are not the same as those cause cervical cell abnormalities... If your diagnoses are only based on wart appearance then you are having the low risk strain (wart causing)... Warts are almost always non-cancerous but contagious and they do not have any short or long term complications and may shed over at their own even if left un-treated... the best is to get rid of those at earliest... The primary test to see if there are any cervical cell abnormalities is pap smear and almost all the abnormalities on cervix are caused by hpv high risk strain...

Secondly, for males the low risk strain (wart-causing) is nothing more than a cosmatic concern and there is no short or long term risk to his health...

You don't need to use any protection during sex as both of you already share the same strain and can't re-infect each other...there is as such no need to change your sexual life...  
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thank you for your reply.......
i got results today i have
hpv dna probe type a detected index 2.68 (low)
hpv dna probe type b detected index 311.00 (high)

my boyfriend knows that i have low and high grade and he has chosen to stay with me i just dont think he fully knows what risks he is taking because he is relying on me to give him the info and i dont even understand it myself. i dont want to be the reason of him become ill or his MS having a relapse. i keep on suggesting he go to the doctors himself but i dont think he wants to. His low immune system is concerning me......
we would like to stay together but i dont want to be of any harm to him......would it help now if we started using protection again?

thank you so much for your help.

sorry to ask again but can you give me some info, for me and him after i gave you my results from the gyno? does that make a difference?

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