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the cure for hpv and cancer

This is a fact not a question......they have found a cure for hpv and cancer at penn state but the fda/pharmacy companies won't fund for it. People they want us stay sick...they don't want to be cured cause then they lose their money, the vaccine is all they care about..I want this cure people, let's fine away to get it. People are dying hpv and cancer, let's get saved before we see that fate, aav2 is the cure.
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Although I was skeptical, I googles what you posted. Yes, AAV-2 looks hopeful. The researcher at Penn State is Craig Meyers. FDA removed funding. But this is not to say there will never be a cure.
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You have to understand that using these treatments on cells in a petri dish are very different than using it on an actual human.

For the AAV2 , one thing you need to realize is that it took them 6 days for the hpv cells to die. What do you think our immune system will do until then? Its not going to just sit there and let a virus (AAV2) do its thing, it will be confused and attack the AAV2 which is in fact helping us. However, it is indeed a novel approach but much more is needed to be done. Here read these:

This study has to do with an HIV retroviral medication, if used on HPV patients, it might cure them. The drug is already produced, called lopinavir, however we need to make a topical version that is more potent:

You might also want to look into a antiviral drug recently produced by MIT called DRACO. It sounds very promising but needs to be tested on actual humans.
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you you the fda/ pharmacy co dont want us to be cured, they want us to stay sick. they dont know whats it like...i hate america, in europe they have cures, they wanna cure people, africa need more then we do, the fda just want us treated, and they want use to die so they can make money, thats all they care about. they dont give a crap about our health as long as they are getting their money. when i get the cash i am moving to europe, they gotta cure some where.
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lol. ok. well if youre so hell bent on a cure to move to another country, try mexico. This guy claims he actually has the cure. You can research more into it if you want.

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