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urgent:shall i take a break from aldara?? blood during bowel movement

aldara is making my skin very dry and i see blood when i have bowel movement from anal warts

shall i stop using it?
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Speak to your doctor, not us.
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  Hello i cant help to be puzzled when i seen your comment to a very worried individual. You, said , "speak to your doctor not us". That will not be tolerated.  In case your to stupid to figure out, the website your on is called MedHelp, and here we offer each other advice, or share our expirences that we have gone threw. If i see you or anyone one else making a rude comment like that again i will report you. We need encouragement on this site. Nothing else will be tolerated.
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Hey you!!! finally i get to chat with you. How are you? dont listen to that loser veryworried hes in a world of trouble.So im educated in that department to help you. make sure you text me back. Still thinking of ya, chat with you soon,
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