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pressure after hysterectomy 3 weeks post op

Hi, i am hoping to get some answers. I had an abdominal supracervical hysterectomy 3 weeks ago, due to abnormal bleeding and pain. Tests confirmed i have/had endometriosis. Ever since then i have intense bladder pressure. To the point it keeps me awake at night. I feel like i have to urinate constantly. When i do urinate there is even more pressure in my bladder that it is almost painful. I was tested for a UTI and it came back negative. The pressure is constant and doesn't go away. Dr says i still need to heal.... Is this true? Will this constant pressure that is keeping me awake and very uncomfortable go away with time? It is very depressing to feel this. Please help! Thank you :)
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Greetings Christiejis,
If you notice any blood in your urine notify your gynecologist immediately. Often resolution of your complaint does occur by 6 weeks post-op. If not you should be referred to a urologist for evaluation and treatment.

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