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I had a total hysterectomy in 2001 due to endo.I had hot flashes and other menapause symptoms for about a year.I did not take any HRT and they went away .I recently had to have a kidney removed do to tumor (non cancer)and the hot flashes are now back.Can this be from menapause,or side affect of surgery?How long can these symptoms last?
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I just had a total hyterectomy due to endo also and I am 40 and they have me on the hormone patch....I was just wondering how old you were and why you stopped the hormone treatments. I was already experiencing terrible night sweats and still have some.
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I have a total abdominal hysterectomy (tubes and ovaries,too) scheduled for 06/27/2007. I have had endo all my grown life. 5 laproscopy w/ laser surgeries later; we've decided it's time to end this. I am commited to this being my last surgery and being able to move on with my life. I am nervous and would love to hear your experiences. Thanks
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Hi...I also have been a endo sufferer for years. Luckily I have not had any major problems for 15 years prior to them just finding 2 large ovarian cysts on my ovaries. 15 years ago I had exploratory laporascopic surgery and was  lucky enough to be well enough to have 2 children. After my pregnancies thankfully my pain did subside but as a kid I was tortured by horrible period pains and very heavy flow. Last November I started having pain and had a cat scan which showed these 2 masses...the hysterectomy was done on may 7th and when they opened me they realized how damaged everything was and the best course of action was a hysterectomy otherwise I would've probably ended up  back in surgery. If you have any questions let me know and I wish you good luck.
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On 5/6/07 I had an abdominal total hysterectomy.  I had had several surgeries beginning in 1988 due to ovarian cyst rupturing.  It was never ending and with that endometriosis was also a factor.  I am 41 years old, I am not taking hormone replacements and do not wish to take them.  The hot flashes have begun and disrupt my sleep at night. What are the alternatives if any?
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When I first had the hysterectomy the hot flashes and emotional highs and lows came on right away.Do to the endo my doctor said no hormones for at least six months because the endo had to die out first.By the time the six months came it was much better already so I choose no hormones.I do take calcium everyday and a multi vitamin.My new doctor was very worried about my bones do to no ovaries so he sent me for a bone scan.
I work very hard physically at work and I joined curves about 4 years ago do to weight gain after surgery.My bone scan came back great! So it is a personal choice but I would never take hrt.
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I am post menopausal(for the most part) and did not take any HRT. I used the following from the Vitamin Store(or most health food stores):

change of life
evening primrose(Ultra 1500)
estro(or pro) mensil
progestorone HP cream on back on hands
calcium with D

i started off with highest rec. dose and gradually scaled down. Still seem to get monthly cylci "warm flashes" and migraines, but the above kept me off HRT.

Good luck
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