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Post Hyst Pain

I had this procedure in May of 08. I began feeling pain on my right side above my groin. I went back to gyno and he did ultrasound to rule out hernia. He suggested it may be nerve damage so he gave me lyrica to try. It wasnt the cure. This area is still distressing. It hurts more in the evening and when I get out of bed I have to hold with pressure my right side to keep it from hurting more. During this some other issues came up and my bladder is fine as are my kidneys(urine test showed blood in my urine so family doctor ordered systoscopy and ultrasound on kidneys) I have had more trouble with my bowels lately (constipation) but I am unsure if its from "diet" I am on. I have lost almost 10 pounds since 1-29-09. The gyno on the last visit ordered 2 MRIs of the abdomen. I havent gotten the tests yet as I can not afford them. I realise they are necessary but financially, the tests will set me back way more than I can handle right now.
Any other suggestions out there???
Please help!!
I am 47 and I kept the ovaries.
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theres a great number of things it could be addhesions,, scar tissue an ovarian cyst come to mind.Bowel trouble is increased alot if on narcotics take a stool softener like colace...not a laxative..increase fiber..a lot. sounds like you need the test why two mris of same area? one with contrast one with out? or is it one abdominal and ine pelvic mris?
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I have begun taking Miralax and stool softener. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. (5 yrs, long story) The 2 MRIs are for pelvic and abdomen with and with out dye. I am looking into getting them done, been working on phone calls to get pricing even though I have insurance. I do sppreciate your response to my post. I noticed your in the Detroit area and my age. I grew up near Detroit and currently live in Florida. My whole family is there. Perhaps we have more in common? Please send a message or leave a note!!
Thank you
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Okay... I had a similar pain on my left side.... it happened 6 months after surgery.  I had all the tests and my Gyn was stumped, so they sent me to a general surgeon and it turned out that I had split a muscle.  I didn't have it stitched but had to take it easy for another 3-4 weeks and pain is gone.  I am here in Florida as well so if you have any thoughts or ?'s I will try and help. Take care
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i just recently found out i got two cysts in my left kidney my whole pelvis seems to be plagued with problems....point your pain could be so very many things your likely gonna need an mri are there any county hospitals in your area that gives tests ona sliding scale I wouldnt recommened them for  a doc but a mri is sent out to be read so if you can get it done cheaper go for it I m sorry your insurance doesnt cover I get mris and cat scans are expensive but really important when other diagnostic doesnt work..have you resurched a diagnostic laprosopic I think thats less expensive gives suggeon a full view of abdomen,,,,but it is surgery (although diagnostic) something to think about,

my famlily is in the downriver area  1/2 hr s of detroit 1/2 n or ohio border...love the area..but I want to move to florida Clearwater to be exact that my goal.
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What is your source for the 97% adhesions stat? I searched and searched the web and keep coming up with 23-25% would love to view your source..my brain always thinking ....wish I could turn it off sometimes LOL   Thanks....Cherie
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