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I had a complete hysterectomy in 2006, because my PMDD was severe. The only change from that was no more periods. I still have cramps, mood swings, cycstic acne; not once but twice a month. I don’t have ovaries and I have tried every hormone replace (pellets, creams, compounded bio identical hormones). Nothing helps. My doctors have opened me up and cleaned the surgery area, but have given up on a answer for me. I’m a life long type 1 diabetic with thyroid dis order. Any help is greatly appreciated. After 18 years, I’m ready to give up and live alone in a cave :(
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I am sorry you are suffering so. I can certainly relate to emotional upheaval after hysterectomy. I became suicidal along with a whole laundry list of other nasty side effects. It is certainly puzzling that you still have cyclic symptoms and, not once, but twice a month. Do you by any chance have endometriosis? Not that having endo would explain the "cycling" but not sure what would!
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Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes, I have endo and cpo. It’s a mystery to every doctor I see. I get moody, face breaks out, I eat like mad (sugar cravings and then salt), I bloat, have severe cramps, and turn into a messed up train wreck.
I have quit good jobs on the spot from a bad cycle. When I’m around other women (work environment) it’s even worse, which leads me to believe that this is gyno related.
I had surgery in 2016, to clean up the area, but it didn’t help and the doctors have given up.
omg ! me too ! had a complete hysto in 2018 and still have all this along with IBS now, and have a severely diminished sex drive.  I have gained 50 lbs and i eat less and lesss becuase i dont want to get explosive diahrrhea. which happens every time i eat nearly no matter what and i also get frequent hemmorids because i  have urgency to poop every time i sit on the potty/ but it doenst come out.  there is no happy middle. either pooing my brans out or screaming in pain while on the potty; its almsot unbearable. i also suffer from alot of memory loss of simple  amd preexostiong  everyday task. any advice is greatly  appreciated  
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