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hormones after a total abdominal hysterecomy

I am 28 yrs old and had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy on April 23rd. My question is what replacement hormones are the best or pros and cons i am currently awaiting my 4 week post op visit but wanted to gather info. I am curently talking Estridol pills that are taken every day can anyone please comment on exper or knowledge of what would be best i have heard about different replacements and some that are bad and some that are good

please help
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Estridial pills like all estrogen hrt are claimed by cardiologists to cause increase in heart problems, blood clots in legs, stroke risks. there is alot of studies to back this up.

A Osteopath (bone doctor) will say estrogen is esenciall for bone density and health, at middle age women loose bone density and it can be a really serious issue, leading to degenerative disk disease, or bones that break more easy. there is sufficient data to prove this true also.

So its really a difficult decision,  You need to factor in if you smoke,. if anyone in family has had heart issues or if you have...then Id say no to estrogen.

If you do not smoke and have or family members have had bone issues Id see my osteopath and discuss it

How have you felt so far without the hormones? hot flashes? night sweats? moodiness. weeping, you cant have sex yet but do you have sexual desires? not having them is a sign of menopause problems.

Really the only hormone replacment I have nothing good to say about is Premarine..its rather old fashioned...it may of been the first hormone replacement for hysterectomy I think it was not sure..it is NOT a bio-identical hormone..it is made from the urine of a pregnant mare.  just gross to me. and I just have heard all bad about it.

Bio-Identical hormones are chemical hormonesmade the closestas possible to what your body should be producing. the med your on is one. I favor Vivelle patch..its easy to use. and many report all good about it.

the thing with hormones is its trial and error...you may get lucky like I did and get a hormone that suits your anatomy and helps you on the first try..or you may be like some women who have had 4-10 trys before getting it right.....most people fall in between...1-3 trys and you should have something right for your body.
Many dont know this but there are alot of Nurse Practioners who specialise in hormone replacement therapy. Since its all they do some find it best to go to them..if you try with your gyno and arent happy w results keep this in mind.

there is the herbal stuff too, Black Kosch helps many..herbals are to be reported to doctors too as they do interact with meds. Speak with dr and or pharmicist before starting this I am not certain or risk factors.

Good luck, hope this helped some

let me know how things turn out ok?

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   I'm on Estradiol 1mg; one everyday.Did I hear you correct, when you said that Estraidol is a form of Bio-Identical hormones? Everybody always tells me that it has to be compounded. I'm confused; because my pamplet does not really say.
   Yes, I had a good nurse practioner; the matter of fact she is the one whom lead me to have a ultrasound; and they found a large cyst on one of my ovaries. Good thing I listened to her. My Gyno did not even pay any of my symptoms; any attention; after I kept telling him a year or two beforehand that i was feeling bloated. I cannot complain about the hormone; for me I feel pretty good. Only wished I had waited longer before I started them. I did not take them for the first month or two; but my Gyno told me that I would be miserable if I did not take them. Only thing with me taking them is I have a family history of Heart Disease and Cancer. I have also had to have two breast biopsies; but thankfully they did not find anything. This was several years ago; now I have a mamogram every  year, and it has been good, so far.Just wished my BP would stay low.
Let me know what you think about Estradiol that I am taking.
Thanks TeresaMarie
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ok well im currently taking Estradiol 2mg  on a daily basis and i am a smoker not a heavy smoker i usually smoke about 2 cigarettes a daybut i do smoke. there is no sign or heart disease in my family although my biological fathers sides i know nothing about...i currently have these signs....loss of sleep and night sweats. the loss of sleep maybe due to fact that im resting thruogh out the day but the night sweats are something i have never exper. i do not get hot flases as of yet everyone has been telling me its real important to find the right hormone bcause the fact that im 28 yrs old.
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