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hormones after hysterectomy

I am 40yrs old,  I had a full hyterectomy due to severe endo on april 6th 2009.
I take hormones called estratest: 1 pill a day
I have been reading here and looks like most people are either on the patch or with cream
the patch does not have testoteron does it?
anybody else here taking the hormones by pills like me?
my doctor never checked my hormones level..is that normal?
thanks for the advices
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I dont even know if I have bio-identical hormones...I am thinking I don't
do those come in patch and cream only? do you get them at the pharmacy?

I will go look at Mary's page
thank you so much
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carol I use the Vivelle ( estrogen only ) patch so far really happy with it, It seems that I have noticed many women need estrogen only,,,,at first then after x amount of years need testosterone also, who knows maybe I need it now, but I am asymptomatic so I choose not to treat it.
I personally dont advise anyone to use anything but bio-identical hormones.

Many doctors go by a womans description of how she feels, if your having doubts do by all means request a hormone test, simple blood test.

If you get a chance I have a great resource for you on hormones please go to Mary53 just type in her name under search, and it will direct you to her page,,when there look at her journal titled bioidentical hormones,,,its full of tons of great information,
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