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I would like to see, "FOODS THAT HEAL", I have been noticing in "The Heart.org, that they do studies, & "Real Age" &
I myself, have experience, changes to my cholesterol, by choosing the food, I eat and without any major effort.
I bought 8 navel oranges in a net sack, $2.89 x2, and my cholesterol came down 5 points lower, on LDL. and tomatoes
are healers too, xtra olive oil, I tbsp, daily. Fish oil, cinnomon,good on blood lower sugar.   Apples, as cancer fighters,
The list is effective, even for losing weight, without losing nurishment... Exercise for loosing, weight, will only get you hungry,
exercise is for toneing, the muscles.  It is in eating veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds cerial breads, dark fish: i.e. Salmon, Clean filtered Water.
Getting your water from: Melons, watermellons, etc, is smart... Well, at least while you are waiting for the next FAD DIET,
Once a day  every day.  An apple, orange, large tomato, peanut butter, one x.olive oil tbsp, 8 glasses / water, dark grape juice, all fruit juices.  
This is intended for "Preventive Nurishment", not as a substite for a doctor... Stay away totally from sugar, salt, soft drinks...beet juice before exercise, it helps with the oxygen...
Avoid acidic foods, and whatever you're allergic too.  but the rest of us these foods are GOOD HEALTH CURES...
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Thanks for clarifying!

I might first try the Alternative Health Community for this discussion.  You can find it here:


Also, the Nutrition Community might be an appropriate place to discuss this.  You can find that community here:


Please let us know if these aren't quite what you're looking for!
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Thank you, you're very kind.  I noticed after my attempt to add a forum.  That I had a choice,
between   A Question or A Poll, and I knew it was not a question, so I proceeded to try and
suggest a forum for " HEALING FOODS", using the "Poll" form and It didn't quiet fit...

Some statement in the "forum electives", asked if some other forum would be suggested and
that is how, I made a mess of the application, that didn't get to the  purpose of the "suggested statement-question".  I do apologize, but once I started, I realized at the end that the "bus"
I got into was not taking me to the right place, but then which "form" would?

Thank you, again. I would like a forum on "FOOD THAT HEAL" and maybe one or combine forum on "FOODS TO AVOID".

Because, The Statin medicine I took got my liver in trouble, and now I'm on another, but I'm
secretly hoping, to get into a regiment of let's say, Oranges, Tomatoes daily to get the cholesterol down, without risking my liver...with statins which remove co Q10, which is vital...

Do you see any hope, or direction to get there from here?

Thank you, Ms Lira.

Sincerely, Josephkjv

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Hi - thank you for the suggestion.  I wasn't exactly sure what you were wanting to see - a new forum?  An app?  A discussion on this issue?  If you can clarify we'd be happy to pass the suggestion along to the appropriate people.  If it's a discussion you'd like to see, feel free to start it in an applicable community.  :)
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