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"Vascular Cures Secure" instead of MedHelp

I have a bookmark I click to get to the MedHelp sign-in page, and just today it is taking me to a sign-in page for something called "Vascular Cures Secure" instead.  I typed in MedHelp and did a Google search, and then clicked on the MedHelp page (medhelp.org) and it did the same.  Only way I could get into the site is by clicking on another bookmark I have, that goes to the communities.  Is this a known bug?
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Oooh, now it is taking me straight to my "My MedHelp" page, which it never did before.  I'm going to try signing out and signing back in and seeing what happens.  :)
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All normal again.  What was *that* about?  :)
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Hi AnnieBrooke -

We were updating the site earlier, which is when this probably happened to you, and a few others saw this too. It sounds like everything is normal again, but if you see it again, can you let us know?


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There is a scene in "Cars," where Fillmore the stoner VW Bus watches Lightning McQueen get caught in some wires and wreck the town's statue of its founder and fly through the air, and he then says to the others, "I'm not the only one seeing this, am I?"  It was downright surreal.  
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