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Is External Triggering Of REM Atonia Safe?

My colleagues and I have discovered a way to trigger the onset of REM atonia without having to actually be in REM sleep using an external auditory stimulus.

We are currently testing its use in triggering sleep paralysis. Upon induction of the said stimulus the subject is temporally paralyzed for a short duration of only two minutes.

What I'm wondering is if it would be safe to continue the stimulus to achieve a more prolonged paralysis.

Would it be safe, or would there be any negative side effects?
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Let me expound a little. The individual in question does not have to be in NREM sleep nor REM sleep. They can be awake and the atonia will still be triggered.

The subject shows no sign of negative side effects from a two minute paralysis, however, we need to know if there would be any negative side effects if we produced a continus stimulus.
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