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Narcolepsy + Bipolar

Meds for mania/mixed episodes that are less likely to aggravate severe neurological fatigue?

Geodon=lost consciousness. Clonazepam, lamictal=no effect. Depression worse w/ 6 antidepressants (same w/ lamictal added), at the catatonic/ECT level until after they all stopped and i started stimulants. Right now I'm on provigil + amphetamine type (changes), still not strong enough to improve functioning (work, etc.), and needs adjusting.

15mg Abilify worked for mania, but new dr is against prescribing to narcoleptics (sleepy?), even though I felt more happier & more awake taking it with narc meds than taking them without it. Dr considered Lamictal, but I refused. Considering going back on birth control to improve moods & fatigue but concerned about its long-term effects & interactions with provigil.

Exercise has no effect on wakefulness. Sleep attacks during running/high heart rate=confusing/freakish/unnatural, and that feeling alone causes episodes. I feel like my mind is not connected to my body most of the time. That coupled w/ history of self-injury in a (manic) mixed episode is a bad combination (not/never suicidal). Seroquel was similar, drags physically but makes me more tense/frantic.


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You should consult with a sleep center.

Dr. Jacobs
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