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olanzapine to draining and making me sexually inadequate

my doctor is prescribing me olanzapine and i have been taking it for 2 years because it makes me feel good.
and it helps me sleep.

but i am becoming weaker all the time because it is draining me through the day probably because it has a very long half life for an oral drug.

and i can only have sex with my girlfriend once in every couple of weeks and i perform very pathetically.

so can i find a sleeping pill that will give me 8 hours sleep instead of 12 or 16 and wont stop me from using my over active testicles like i use to????

please help i see my doctor in 2 weeks and i want to make sure he is not stupid.

what is the best medication for me????
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You should address these questions to your doctor since only he/she knows your history in detail.

Dr. Jacobs
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