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Pregnancy @ 45?

My husband & I are wondering why I haven't become pregnant in 8 yrs. since having our daughter. He has almost completed his PsyD. and I will be done with my B.A before fall. We want to see if I can conceive before Winter.

I am -
    45 yo
    have regular periods
    no Birth Control for 8 yrs.
    no abortions
    250 lbs (lost 25 lbs since Christmas)
    slightly elevated BP: 140 / 80 (diagnosed as secondary hypertension; due to weight)
        50 mg Metoprolol / 2 x daily (generic for Toprol)
    normal thyroid function test
    normal glucose test; ruled out POD
    normal PAP
    hdl: 28  
    ldl: 168

I'm working on the weight; as I don't want to enter a pregnancy with elevated BP. We want to try getting pregnant by the end of the year, since I’m not getting any younger.

Is there something the doctors should be looking for, in regards to not conceiving?
What are my options?
What should I consider while attempting pregnancy?

Any advice is most appreciated.
Thanks ~ Deb
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Your age is the biggest factor in trying to get pregnant.  At age 45 your chances of getting pregnant is <5%. Because of this, I suggest seeing a specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist who will check some blood test call a cycle day 3 FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin and TSH.  The cycle day 3 FSH gives you an idea of how old your ovaries are or ovarian reserve. At at 45 we expect that your ovaries are older and your eggs are older and therefore they will have a harder chance of fertilizing and greater chance of having chromosomal problems called aneuploidy. This is why I suggest seeing a fertility specialst as soon as possible.
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