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harm of anal sex fistula

I understand what your saying but the problem is I though I will not get aroused but now I see that I do ,but after reaching orgasm the *** will not exit, I mean it feels like it is stuck inside, I have been readind so many things about anal sex these few months , when I reach orgasm the fluid or *** does not exit my vigina and I used to have alot of *** but now I can feel like it stays inside and does not come out,I read about anal sex and the harms is causes like can there be a fistula caused that I have read about on the internet.I do get aroused but the *** does not get out.I sometimes feel it is inside my anus. I am so scared so scared I cannot explain. why does the *** stay inside which in the past I had so much coming out.can this anal sex caused harm and I get itchy in the anal areaafter orgasm and before that.I just dont know why this fluid is stuck in and makes me feel bad, I feel like Im bloated and no matter what I do ot stays in.please can you help me more with this .please Im going out of my mind.,can that anal sex caused a fistula or something.please help me
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