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Bumb/Lump at Anal/Hole Entrance

Good Morning,

For the past six months or so I have noticed that at time, my ******* (not familiar with the correct term) itches and sometimes burns. I've briefly browsed forums and WebMd for information before and generally assumed it to be a hemorrhoid, but most topics about them say that they go away on their own, which I do not believe mine has done - assuming that is what it is.

Last evening I tried to take a closer look and noticed that the bump/lump was only visible when I pulled the cheeks apart, I found one very small (about the same size as the bottom of a normal pen) lump on the lowest (southernmost) area near the actual entrance. It appears to be white on the skin and red/purple on top, almost like a scab. There is only one and everything else appears to be okay.

I know this must be tough to respond to without evaluating it, but I will do my best to provide as much information to help. I also have a picture of it which I'd be more than happy to provide to assist with the potential diagnosis.

About me: 27, white male, 6'0, 160lbs. Extremely active and healthy, I don't eat fatty foods and I work out 6 days a week. I have no diseases and the only medication I take is for ADHD. I rarely go to the doctors as I only get sick once every 5-6 years, but my most recent blood work was excellent outside of my cholesterol which was fantastically low at 103. I also know that issues related to the anal area tend to bring up the question about gay versus straight, I am straight.

Symptoms: I'm one of those non-symptomatic people so I doubt I have had any, unless they would be confused with my general stress/anxiety from 70 hour work weeks and long hours in the gym. I have on occasion (maybe once every two months) found blood in the toilet, but it's not common. The lump/bump isn't "solid" but I would call it firm. As I mentioned earlier, it does itch and sometimes burn, but only when irritated.
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