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Elevated Liver Enzymes

For the past 3 months I have been going the doctor about my liver enzymes, which we found slightly elevated during a routine physical.  ALT, AST, and Bilirubin have been elevated at some point, while Alkaline Phosphates and GGT have always been normal.  I also had very low vitamin D which they gave me a prescription for.  Below are the numbers:

Vitamin D 9.2 (32 -100 Normal Range)
Bilirubin 1.9 (0.1-1.2)
AST 43 (0-40)
ALT 59 (0-55)

From this point on I abstained from alcohol

Total Bilirubin 2.1
Direct Bilirubin 0.36 (0-0.4)
AST 38
ALT 83

Total Bilirubin 2.1
Direct Bilirub 0.40
AST 21
ALT 46
GGT 17 (0-65)
Negative for Hep C and Hep B

Total Bilirubin 1.5
Direct Bilirubin 0.31
AST 33
ALT 61
Vitamin D 33.8

A little more background.  My dad has mild Psoriasis (I have it very mildly) and my mother has rheumatoid arthritis.  My mom's family has a history of alchoholism and some have died of cirrhosis as early as 47.  My younger sister has recurring pancreaitis and a fatty liver.  I am a 27 year old hispanic male, 5'10" and weight about 170.  I am guilty of binge drinking in college and having more than I should on some weekends.  When I was 13, I had dark urine for a couple days, but it went away on its own.

At first I thought it would be the alchohol, but I haven't had a drink since April and my ALT is still elevated.  Plus, most alchohol hepatitis elevates your AST.  I had an Ultrasound in early July and they found no early signs of cirrhosis, no fatty liver, & my hepatic ducts looked fine.  My doctor has said she believe's the bilirubin is probably due to Gilbert's Syndrome and my ALT might be naturally elevated and that we should check the levels again at my next physical.  I asked her about testing for autoimmune antibodies, and she said because my GGT is low, autoimmune is most likely not the case.  Does this sound like the best course of action?  Should I push to go see a specialist?
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