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Anyone else...?

I posted this in the other forum as well, but we are not all in both so I figured I would post it here too

It is so quiet on here! Just thought i would throw this out there... I am starting to get very uncomfortable!! I can't wait for summer as I am out of breath just putting on pants and socks! I have trouble with shoes and even sitting straight! Little buddy is still flipping around so sometimes I get kicked in the ribs and other times in my cervix!! I am not complaining... Just stating the facts, lol!!! My ribs are starting to really ache like they did with my first and I am wondering if they just dislocate on their own :( I get VERY sharp uncomfortable pains in my upper back in my ribs... And in the front! They weren't joking when they said this is the most uncomfortable time! I better hurry up and finish all I want to get done before it is down right miserable for me to do anything!! I now know why I did the nursery so early, I couldn't imagine doing it now... Lol!!! Anyone else starting to feel crummy... Hahaha!!!
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Hello,  It is quiet on here!!  I know what you mean about being uncomfortable! - i'm starting to feel very big now!  shaving my legs is starting to get tricky - and I get out of breath easily! My husband was complaining that I was too organized getting things ready early, but now he's seeing my point!!  I'm exactly six months - the baby's room is pretty much all ready :)  I haven't had any rib pain - that doesn't sound much fun - ouch!  mine is not a big kicker - she has moments in the day when she's active, but not all that much - so i'm still loving it every time i feel a movement - I mainly just feel kind of uncomfortable like everything is squished upwards inside my stomach - I also feel like my bump is quite huge and can't imagine what it will be like in another 3 months!! makes me laugh! - it's been hot the last few days so i've been swimming - am loving that - feel all nice and weightless!   the closer July gets, the more excited i am!
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I'm feeling very uncomfortable also. Today is really not a good day. My stomach feels like it's about to explode. I'm tired, I can't sleep, and it's getting to the point where I just want this pregnancy to be over with. I know that sounds bad. I want a healthy baby that's the reason why I am willing to endure to the end. But just like the book I just got through reading, PREGNANCY *****!!!! This is my third, I have two handsome boys (5 and 1), with a girl on the way. So I'm excited about seeing her, but exhausted with the journey. Helps to know that I'm not alone in this process.
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