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Albumin urine / horseshoe kidney /GRF/ Help?

Can anyone give me some help with these test result as they relate to my kidney function? Should I be pressing this issue with my doctor or am I not in any danger zone? I am a 29 year old female, with probable autoimmune disorder, still undiagnosed. What could be the cause of these results? I also have a horseshoe kidney.

Uric Acid (blood): High 410 umol/L (ref range: 140 - 340)
Albumin (blood): High 53 ( ref range: 53-50 g/L)

Urine microscope test:
Albumin (urine): High 32 ( ref range: Up to 30 mg/L)
Creatinine (urine) 6.4 ( ref range: 2.4-27.5 mmol/L)
Albumin Creatinine ratio (urine): High 5.0 ( ref range: <2.8 mg/mmol)

GFR Female: 88 Note says: 60-89 ml/min/1.73 sq.m.: Found in 30% of adult population. exclude kidney damage in those at high risk for kidney disease.

My uric acid test and GFR are from October and my doctor didn't even mention these to me as being a problem, but at my last visit he said maybe it's time for a referral to a nephrologist. I do have a lot of abdominal pain, and have been having issues with my heart, liver and bowels, so I think that this got lost in the shuffle (or maybe it's not that big of a problem)?

I am also concerned as I am planned to have a colonoscopy next week and I am hoping that there are no adverse indications of this test for someone with kidney issues.

Thanks for your help.
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A gfr of 88 is fine.  That would put your creatinine at around 0.8 or less which is fine for a 29 year old. Having horseshoe kidney can cause stomach pains. the uric acid thing can be caused by the kidneys. or diet. Have you had any kidney stones? The development of them can cause high uric acid as well.
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They haven't seen any kidney stones on imaging (US & CT, but I do have tightness / abdominal pain that stretches to my back, especially at night and in the morning, mostly when laying down.

What about the albumin in my urine?  Could that just be a fluke? Is it something to be concerned about?

I have to repeat my urine microscope test and my doctor asked that use the first stream of the day, right when I wake up. Any idea why?

Thanks for your help.
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Have you always had the pain? I have heard the horseshoe kidney causes that at times.

The protein in your urine is just at the high limit of 53 so that's not bad. If it is higher than the limit especially consistently, then there could be something wrong. Usually the first signs of kidney damage are protein leakage in the urine. I have fsgs and one kidney and I have protein in my urine all the time. You can do a 24hr urine test for total protein. That is a good way to see what is going on with your kidneys.

The reason he wants the first stream is to test your urine when you have had less or nothing to drink or eat. Plus exercise and other things can give you different results. That way its more like a fasting urine test. It helps eliminate the chance that what you are eating is the cause of your lab levels.  I have a lot of experience with kidney /bladder problems and kidney disease so if you want to message me I would be more than happy to answer anything you want to ask.
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The pain hasn't always been there like this, I don't think,  but I do remember there being points in my late teen / early twenties when I had to wake in the night to pee because of pressure at my back.

The protein in my urine is actually 32 (upper limit 30 mg/L). I think I may find out the results of my second urine test tomorrow, hopefully that's in the normal range. I'll post back when I know.

Are FSGs diagnosed via imaging tests? I asked my doctor about a 24hr. urine test, but I think he wanted to see what came of the second regular test, I'll ask about it again tomorrow.

Maybe I'll drop you a line. I'm not sure how to message you, though. Is that on your profile? I will gave to check it out.

I have other issues going on aside from the kidney/protein thing and it's slow going, but I really appreciate your answers to me. Thank you!
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