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Can a urine test rule out kidney stones?

I was having some slight lower back pain when I urinated yesterday so I went to the DR and they performed a urine test and said that everything looked OK (there were just a few white blood cells). I was just wondering if this definitely rules out kidney stones? I am so terrified that I have one because I still have frequent urination and the feeling that I have to go right after I just went. No pain when urinating anymore. I have a long history with IBS and it's been bad this week with constipation could this be a factor? Please help. Thank you.
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I can't address the kidney stone question- I would think they'd need to do an ultrasound or something to diagnose that, however, the constipation can definitely (according to a urologist I saw when I had acute urinary retention) play a role in pain when you urinate if you strain to have a BM. He also said it (IBS) can cause frequent urination b/c you are straining all those muscles.
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Thanks for the response. I am starting to think that is probably the case because the pain comes and goes and it is not that severe. From the sounds of kidney stones it sounds like the pain is constant and very severe. Thanks.
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I just have to write and tell you that what i am going through something similar (minus the anitbiotics)... I also suffer from IBS and have just gotten off a course of antibiotics, once i stopped i felt like i was starting a UTI, went to get the urine test and the white count came up high, and so my doc put me back in antibiotic .. three days later, my doc advised that there was no infection as far as e.coli and to stop the antibiotic.  So its been day one off the antibiotic and sure enough, i feel as if i have to use the bathroom more often then normal. No pain, no dark unrine, but the urge to urine is high, so i was thinking .. could this be my kidneys?  Maybe not stones, but a slight infection. and i am wondering if there was an infection in my kidneys, would the urine test show this???Well i will go and check this tuesday to make sure .. but something does not feel right. I have had IBS for about 6 yrs now and have never had this problem. I feel a lot of pressure, and am drinking a lot of water just to be sage but .... If i hear anything worth while i will post you back, and please do the same with me.

Best wishes!
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