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Chronic Kidney Stones

Is there anyone else out there who passes kidney stones about once or twice a week?
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My 20 year old daughter has them twice or more a week she is on pain killers and numerous medications for them......would like to talk to you
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Hi .. I am part of the MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney Community) here at MedHelp.  Most of us on the MSK community have this condition which produces stones as you describe, but only an IVP w/contrast x ray test and sometimes a CT Scan can pick this anomoly up but it answers the questions of why the constant stones.

Feel free to stop by.

Do either of you know what type of stones you make?  Most with MSK are calcium oxalate .. that is what mine are.

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Its not me it's my daughter with the problem....she makes Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate stones frequently. She has had so many CT scans she can only take 2 a year. She has had them enough she is on several medicines for the symptoms of the stones and the symptoms of the medicines she takes.
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Sir, I can relate to your daughter's condition. I passed about 4 stones a year from age 24 to 36, then beginning at age 37 I started passing stones weekly.  I have good doctors but they all say the same thing - nothing in my system should make such stones. I am vegetarian, in good health, skinny, drink lots of water.  But I have constant stones and constant stone pain. Its frustrating, but thus far there are no major health impacts...aside from being in constant pain and having to take pain meds a lot.  While kidney stones hurt, in general they do not impact health in the grand scheme, so there simply has not been, at least wtih my doctors, a passionate concern to get to the bottom of it.

Wish I had better news, but on the bright side chronic kidney stone suffers can lead fairly normal lives.
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I pass kidney stones every day of my life and it *****. I have a pain med pump in my stomach with a Line to my
Spine to relieve some of the pain. I would find a pain doctor for help.

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