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Elevated CPK levels over 100,000

My son spent a week in the hospital about 2 weeks ago.  His CPK level was 113,000, which I can see from other post is unheard of.  Other than 2 workouts (both were not strenous) back to back & some weight lifting and maybe a little dehydrations, they could find nothing to be the cause of the elevated CPKs. He's never had a problem with remaining hydrated during a workout before.  His kidneys are liver are fine.  

I'm completely confused as to why and how this happened.  He's been very athletic since he was 4 years old.  He's had many workouts in the dead heat of summer (about 100 degrees, sometimes more) and has never had anything indicating a problem with muscle detoriation.   I'm completely blow away by others who have post elevated levels of 2000 - 6000....if that's considered extremely dangerous, what does that make my son's situation???!!!
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Wow, that is really high! My husband had a over 20,000 CPK level after a grand-mal seizure during which he broke and dislocated his shoulder. They said it was from his muscles tensing up during the seizure and the bruising caused from reducing the dislocation. They took CPK levels a couple times a day at first. The levels reduced steadily with IV fluids to help flush his kidneys. He was released after 4 days when it got below 800.
They told us football players can get really high CPK levels after games with a lot of contact.
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I guarantee you that he was taking supplements with high levels of protein and amino acids. They have been widely known to increase the chances of rhabdomyolysis. Anobolic steroids also increase the chances of this happening by potentiating protein synthesis thus rapidly increasing protein myoglobin in one's body.
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I was I the same situation. My levels went up after two work outside. Just two after the many I done in my years. Im only 17. My levels were 186,045. I was at the hospital for a week until they went down. Many doctors ask if I was going drugs or drank any protein shakes. Im a clean boy. I don't do drugs and all of my muscles are naturally with out supplements. My levels are like a roller coaster they go up and down. Some times fast and the other slow. I never reach to the normal po it of the cpk levels which is between 60 and 30 the highest we all can go to is 80. But your son and me and the rest out there for some reason we have this multated DNA in our body's that I yet know of(the doctors said I was multated so I'm ausuming that everyone that has not done drugs or drank protein shakes should fall in place were I am also). But I been getting treatment every one a week. And I'm both improving and not.
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