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low serum uric acid

For someone with recurrent UTIs over a 3-year period and a small mid-pole 5.5mm kidney stone, fatigue -- is a low serum uric acid of 0.8 significant in any way?  My doctor said he had never seen a number this low and congratulated me on being a great vegetarian.  Only I have never been a vegetarian and I consume plenty of protein -- chicken, beef, pork, etc. But I do feel lousy lately and my lab tests are mostly normal.  The doc was trying to find out if my kidney stone was related to high uric acid.  Also had absolute monocyte count of 37 but don't know what that means either.  Any microlab experts out there?  Thanks!
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wow,  why  is  your  dr  congratulating you  on  such a  low  uric  acid  level???   normal  levels  are  2.6-7.2              Sometimes  high  uric  acid  levels  DO  cause  kidney  stones,  but yours  is  below  normal level.

absolute  monocyte  levels  should  range  between  40-900.    
Monocytes  are  made  by  the bone   marrow  and  stored  in the  spleen.    Monocytes   help  to  fight  infection.
I  suppose the  low  monocytes  levels  explains  your  recurrent  UTI's
Have your  doctor  check your  bone  marrow  and  spleen  make  sure  they're  okay.

Are you  anemic?    how's your  kidney  function   (GFR)    
when  we're  anemic  we  get  fatigued.
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Thanks for you suggestions.  I don't understand the difference between the percentage and the actual number for uric acid. Is 2.6 a percentage?  How does that correlate to the absolute monocyte number?   I did read something that low serum uric acid can be somehow related to spleen function but I don't remember where I saw it.  After reading your comments, I'm wondering. . .  

How does someone check spleen function or kidney function?  I have no idea.  Yes I'm fatigued and according to my red blood cells, I'm not anemic, but I look pale sometimes and other times someone said I look "sallow".  

Again, thanks for your help!  
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