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Urine issues

Hello, I'm a 21 years old, male. I'm writing to inquire about a long-term issue about my urine. I've been noticing for about two years now, I've been seeing bubbles whenever I urinate. This is usually worse off during the mornings (during the afternoons, there are still bubbles but they usually dissipate very quickly). On top of that, the worrying thing is that I've noticed that I've gradually found it harder and harder to urinate. I didn't notice much for the first two years or so, but within the last two weeks or so, I've found it difficult to urinate without spending first a solid 5 seconds of effort. Otherwise, I seem completely healthy, no weight issues. The weird thing was that when I last had my urine tested about a month ago, the doctor said there were no signs of protein or other abnormalities. But I'm not too sure. Any suggestions on what may be troubling me?
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