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11 mm kidney stone

I have had a large kidney stone that was first noticed about 7 years ago - at the time it was about 5mm.  It has now grown to 11mm and is in the same location.  However, about a year ago (stone was about 9mm), I started noticing blood in my urine.  I went through some tests - had an ultrasound, CT, x-ray and blood work and the urologist I had at the time thought it was the stone causing the blood even though at the time, I didn't have any pain and it wasn't trying to pass.  Now there is pain in my left flank - it doesn't happen all the time and I've been x-rayed again since last year to determine if the stone has moved and it has not.  It has grown slightly larger - to 11mm.  

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?  Is it really possible to have sporadic pain and blood in my urine from a kidney stone that hasn't moved at all?   Will it damage my kidney long-term if I leave it be?  My (ex) urologist really wanted to break up the stone which I understand isn't pleasant and doesn't always guarantee the same procedure won't need to be repeated.  I refused since the stone wasn't (and still isn't) moving.  
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I'm not a doctor, but yes . It can grow.  It can cause blood.  It can cause pain.  It can remain silent.  It can cause infection.  I've had all of the above.  The crystals grow and attach to each other, etc.

How are you?  What have you decided

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Are you indicating you've had each of the above or a silent stone that started causing you trouble?  What was the outcome?  

I haven't decided anything yet.  
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