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4mm kidney stone

Long story short-went to gastro doctor think I was having abdominal issues. Pain on the entire right side that wrapped a little to the back . Even pain by the appendix area.

Had gall bladder test done (all good), had a ct scan of abdomen and pelvis. Only thing they found was a 4mm kidney stone. Gastro dr. has me going to see a urologist and says that is the source of my pain. I think I have had this kidney stone well over 4 months because yes my right side lower back hurt BUT I assumed it was a pulled muscle or just a muscle spasm seeing as I did not have problems urinating at all .

I guess what I am asking is what should I expect in going to see the urologist? I mean I know it is a 4mm kidney stone, will it pass on it's own, (how will I know if I pass it?). I am not in constant pain, just times that my lower right side will hurt and the NP said it was from the stone moving, however, it is at the top of my kidney she said.

I guess I am debating on weather to see if it passes or go see the urologist (scheduled for 23 Oct.).

Yes I am doing all I can to help it pass. ...but so far the pain is still in the same place...
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Eh, it depends. I never passed a 4mm one :/
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The short answer is YES a 4 mm stone can pass on its own. I'm very concerned though as to why it hasn't passed already and also as to how you can stand the on and off pain from that stone when it is moving through your kidney. Kidney stone pain puts me on the ground when it hits and in your situation, apparently it hits you at anytime. The not knowing when it will hit is the bad part. I had three stones in the spring of 2013 for 3 months and it was not just the extreme pain, but the uncertainty of when that pain would hit that got me. I was misdiagnosed and that's the only reason it went on so long, Up until then, for 30 plus years, my stones would hit me with pain and then pass within 2-4 days, every time!

The Urologist will probably give you a strainer to use when you urinate to "catch" the stone when it passes. You'll also be able to feel it when it passes on out. I always feel them when they pass on out and its not painful at that point, just a slight irritation as it passes and then the temporary irritation goes away immediately. Good Luck and please let us know how you are doing.  
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Thanks for the replies. I do take Tylenol #3 for pain, but there can be days it does not bother me and days like today that it feels like labor pain...

Can't wait until it passes!!!!!!! If it ever does!!
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Remember too that your Urologist can go in and get that stone if it doesn't pass fast enough. You're already past the time I would have allowed for one of mine to pass. Again, it's the uncertainty of when that pain will hit that gets to me, not to mention the severe and frequent pain. Talk to your Urologist and ask to have it removed now.
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Still have not passed it and the pain is about the same, comes and goes. However, it has not kept me from working..(sometimes I want to use it as an excuse to stay home...:)  )

I will let you guys know what the urologist says this coming Friday.
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I had my appt. this past Friday (23), the urologist said that the 4mm kidney stone is NOT causing my pain...(actually laughed about it) --I beg to differ...So he said we will wait until Feb to see if it passes on it's own or if it will grow bigger....(makes no sense to me-seeing as I have not passed it and its' been since Aug). I go back in Feb for another x-ray and then go see him a week later....I guess suck it up until then...I am lucky that it does not hurt constantly ...I don't understand the wait and see approach, however, I am not a doctor...I thought about going back to my primary to see if he can send me to another urologist, but I don't want to be told the same thing....any advice??or opinions??
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Make that appt. with your primary and definitely get a second opinion. It's your body and your pain. Take care of both and get that second opinion. I've never heard of anything like this, if all is as you said it was initially. If this doctor told you that it wasn't a kidney stone causing your pain, then what did he/she say was causing it!?
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The urologist didn't day what he thought it could be other than "it's not the 4mm kidney stone".

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If the Urologist said it was not your kidney stone causing your pain and did not tell you what was causing you the pain that you're having, then I'd suggest that you call that Urologist back and ask what he/she thinks is causing your pain. I still think a second opinion may be your best avenue to pursue at this point. If nothing else, to at least be sure the first Urologist's opinion is either correct or not. Your choice because as I said, it's your body and your pain to deal with and handle.
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It can pass on it's own.... But I never passed one. I had to get surgery for them. Just go see your urologist. It's the best thing you can do. He/she will give you a strainer to pass your urine.
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I would call your primary doctor. Because honestly I think that's causing your pain. Go to a second opinion.
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Hi Totie,

It's your friendly urologist here.

I know it sounds really strange to hear someone tell you that something abnormal in your body may not be causing your problems.

I see patients everyday for unrelated conditions in which we will "accidentally" find kidney stones on a CT scan. Usually the patient is surprised to find them and will say, "but I'm not even in any pain".

The differentiating factor with kidney stones is going to be whether they are obstructing or not. By obstructing I mean blocking the outflow of urine from the kidney. This would show up on a CT scan as swelling in the kidney, or hydronephrosis.

A common and well accepted belief among urologists is that non-obstructing stones do not cause pain.

Sometimes I will have patients that swear that their non-obstructing stones are causing pain. The only way to find out is by removing the stone.

Most urologists do not remove nonobstructing stones because they are trying to protect you from unnecessary procedures.

Best wishes,

Dr. Holland
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Curious to what happened with your stone...did you pass it yet??
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