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Can dormant kidney stones cause pain?

I have dealt with kidney stones for many years now some I've had to have surgery for others just had to deal with pain for weeks waiting for them to pass. I know that I have 5 dormant ones on my right side and 4 on my left side right now. They keep referring to them as dormant anyhow. I have been having some very bad days pain wise and having issues with being able to urinate much regardless of how much water I drink (I pretty much only drink water every day and my intake is high). I have went to the ER a few times due to pain and one time they just sad that they are dormant so that couldn't be my source of pain and they just sent me home with no medication (other than the little IV pain meds they gave me while I was there) nor follow up plan or suggestions to help at home. The 2nd visit after cat scan they said I had no kidney stones (didn't even mention the dormant ones) again I was sent home the same way as my first visit. After I got home from that visit I went online to look at my patient portal and read the results of my cat scan it again still said that I had the same amount on each side!! So that doctor said that I had none at all when I have 9 total regardless if they are so called dormant or not!! When the pain is there and so bad and has lasted for a week or 2 I end up going in because the type of and location of the pains are 100% the same as all my previous kidney stones. Has anyone else ever been told they have dormant stones before? If so, have you as well expeirienced pain from them? Has anyone ever even just heard of this? Biggest question for me is can kidney stone that has been labeled dormant still cause pain? I just want to be more informed and educated in case I have to ever go back in there. It is just so very frustrating and from past personal experiences/gut instinct that it is them cause my pain and symptoms and there should be some course of action they can take to help with this! Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me, have a wonderful day or evening depending on when you read this lol!
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Sorry unsure how to edit my question above but should have said CT not cat scan.
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I agree with you. Even I have had stone problem since many years. I get back pain or leg ache even when the stones are inside the kidney. Doctors have told me that if it is in the kidney it won’t pain but I disagree with them. I get very frustrated at times with this recurring problem. I have made dietary changes and also increased water consumption but new stones keep forming.
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Some drs swear hey don’t, others say they do. I say from personal experience many times over they can. It could be your kidney trying to rid itself and it’s about to start moving. Start pushing a **** ton of water, drink you some aloe Vera juice this coats your tubes to make them slippery and less painful and then cranberry.. not the ocean spray sweet stuff, the tart lure stuff in a glass jar in your organic food market section and you should be fine. If it continues, go see a urologist. Your family er can refer you there. I found a suppository medication w the belladonna flower works best for my kidney pain and stones and spasms your urologist can prescribe this ornother meds, but i would be weary of narcotics other than that, as most contain Tylenol and Tylenol damages kidneys ultimately m. Change your diet around no black tea black coffee soda or too much bread.. these contain oxylates which is what forms stones in your body I switched to green tea m( more caffeine than coffee and hydrated you and is safe!) up your water too. If pain gets too bad rotate ice and heat 20 min at a Rome each and keep rotating I’m also a massage therapist and this is he best way to relax your muscles around that area or soak in a epsom salt bath too.. hope this helps anyone still reading the thread!
Sorry for typos my son keeps grabbing my phone I meant pure tart cranberry it’s thick too you’ll know it when You find it
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