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How to get kidney stones to pass

My urologist says both my kidneys are full of stones. He said all but one are small enough to pass on my own. I want to get this over with! haha it's been 2 months since I was told I have many stones but I haven't noticed any stones passing. How do I get them to come out? I drink about 1.5-2 liters of water a day but hardly pee at all (i did two 24hr urine collections, 1st only had 0.9 liters of urine and the 2nd one only had 0.5 liters)
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There is really nothing that will make non-obstructing stones sitting in the kidneys come out faster.  People have tried massive fluids, medications, and standing on their heads, and none has been better than no intervention.  A stone passing in the ureter can be sped along by pushing fluids and sometimes using a medication like tamsulosin, which dilates the muscles in the ureter.

If you have stones in the kidneys, as jessem166 reported on this tread, you can consider lithotripsy (ESWL), which is a non-invasive treatment using sound waves to crush the stones into sand, which can get you a clean slate.

After that you would want to see a urologist or nephrologist for an evaluation of your urine chemistry so you could be given targeted dietary recommendations to make no further stones.
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My recommendation to you, which seems odd. It has never been proven, but add pure lemon to your water. I know it sounds weird, it is hard to get used to but I can't live without it now. It is said to soften up the stones and help prevent them.
Do you know what the stones are made of yet? If it is Calcium Oxalate (Which is what I suffer from) there really isn't anything to get them to move besides drinking lots of water, as my urologist states.

Are they causing you any pain presently? Do you know if they have dropped down to the ureter to pass yet or are they still stuck up in the kidney still? The reason I am asking, is my second urologist told me that if a stone has been causing you pain and not passing, you should get blood work done on a daily basis to make sure your kidneys are in a proper functioning state, to make sure nothing is blocking urine flow.

Another thing I would like to add is does your Urologist Recommend any procedures? I had 2 stones in my kidney that wouldn't move. After several attacks from previous stones they decided to do a procedure called an ESWL in May. They put my out, blasted the 2 stones, very easy and non invasive. The following weeks I passed the pieces. Which wasn't a cake walk, but much easier then passing full sized stones.

The surgeon said the stones were soft and easy to break apart. He said it was most likely due to the stones being softened from drinking so much lemon juice lol.

Anyways, I wish the best to you. I know how painful kidney stones are and they are not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Good luck my friend,

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Ask you Doctor about Magnesium Citrate to dissolve the stones. Jessem166 is correct that lemon juice has been proven to help as well.  Try asparagus to make you urinate more but it does make you urine smell funny.  Don't eat it at dinner as this will make you get up allot and loose sleep.
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As your doctor recommended water is the only best source for any type of stone problem. And follow your doctor only.
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