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Kidney stones and stents

As a frequent  maker of kidney  stones  (20+yrs) I have for the last 4 years have been  operated  on  approximately  every 6 months  for stone removal  the last 3 times I have been fitted with jj stents which cause me absolutely  agony  ,I am unable to work with these stents  inside  me  and have now lost my job .am I unusual  in having  this agony  ?the specialists  all seem to think  I should be able to cope. How long do people  put up with the agony  before  going to a&e?
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I have suffered for many years with kidney stones myself (35 plus years and at least 35 plus stones). I had surgery for stone removal about 35 years ago and then didn't need surgery again until just the Spring of 2015. Those are the only two times that I have had to have stones removed and have stents. The other many times during all those years, the stones have passed on their own, sometimes multiple stones at once. On the two occasions when I needed a stent after those two surgeries, I had minor discomfort but never anything near what you are describing.  I am not familiar with the particular brand of stent called a jj, but I'm sure others in here will be and will respond. I wish you the best and if I was in your place, I'd be talking to my doctors to find out possible reasons for such severe pain from those stents and making arrangements somehow to never again use that type of stent. Sorry about your job too.
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Thanks for  your  reply  Unclebuck257 ,I didn't want the stent in place thus time but apparently  if I didn't I could lose my kidney  so I thought it was the lesser of two evils (regretting  the  decision  now ).as I type this I'm on the  emergency list to remove  the  stent  and  stones and have been on the list since December  ,I'm guessing  that things move slower in the uk than in America  ? I keep waiting  whilst taking a cocktail  of painkillers  oramorph  zomorph  gabapentin  and anti-inflammation. Thanks again for your reply.Best wishes Dave

My gosh!! I had no idea that you were in the UK. and I had no idea that it took that long there to get medical attention. And you say that you are on the "Emergency List" to boot!! I'm so sorry Dave and the only thing I can do for you from here is to keep you in our prayers for fast medical attention and a quick recovery.
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