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Multiple kidney stones and abnormal kidney cyst help?

I am just feeling a little confused and alone. I have been diagnosed with a minimum of 3 kidney stones (will be soon going for more tests to further research). I have been in a lot of pain and feel like the exhaustion is going to be the end of me. I spend every day with thermacare heating pads wrapped around me and have taken so much advil that my stomach is totally torn up now. In addition to the stones, one of my kidneys has a cyst in it that is shaped abnormally. I believe they are going to do a couple of ct scans to look further into whats going on. I have had close to 50 stones in the past 6 years but they're rarely this big or painful. Has anyone else had such a history of stones? What about cysts, should I be worried about that? My uncle died of kidney cancer. Is it normal to have your kidneys either cause painful bowel movements or be made more painful by them? And what can I do for the "hit by a truck" feeling? Thank you for any help.
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I've been dealing with the passage of 1000's of stones over the past 20 years. Some small enough to pass, others too large that need a ureturoscopy to remove. I also have many hundreds of renal cysts. Some are operable, some are not, and they DO cause pain.

A lot of urologists will tell you that renal stones don't hurt, and that renal cysts don't hurt... they DO.

Talk to your urologist about the possibility of removing the renal stones, and also decorticating the cysts (removing them).

What kind of stones do you make, if you don't mind me asking? I make stones of the Cystine variety (pretty rare), and I make a lot of them.
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Thanks for the info... They are still trying to determine which type of stones they are although they do know that they are composed of calcium with something else. That's about all I know for now. The cyst is what has me more worried... it's 6cm in size and oddly shaped. I am waiting on more tests to find out more.
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Your stones are most likely calcium-oxalate, or some variation therein. As long as they're not cystine, count yourself 'lucky' (I know that sounds funny, but trust me... you don't want cystine kidney stones).

Just keep away from copious quantities of red-meat and OJ (orange juice) as that's a trigger for the oxalate to form. There are medications that'll slow down the formation of the stones (ie: Captopril, Potassium-citrate, Urocit-k), but let your Urologist make the call on that one.

As for your cyst, as long as it's not causing pain or impeding kidney function, then there's no reason to have it removed. I've never heard of a cyst that causes pain while producing a bowel-movement, so you may have something else going on there.

When was the last time you had your prostate checked? The kidney's, bladder, ureter, urethra, etc are all part of the urinary system, which is a COMPLETELY different system that the system that produces fecal matter. You may need to see a Gastroenterologist, or a Proctologist to get that one sorted.

Post back and let me know your thoughts.

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Do you know if cranberry juice is good for the kidneys like it is for the bladder?
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I've been told not to take cranberry juice or capsules since I make calcium oxalate stones .. the cranberries are high in oxalates ... my Uro explained the cranberry juice creates a barrier along the mucous membranes so that's why it helps prevent infection, etc.

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Also, cysts can come and go .. I've found the more ultrasounds I have, the more they find out about things that come and go naturally.  What did your Dr say?  How are you now?
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cranberry is good for UTI but not kidney stones, there is a study posted somewhere on it.
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No.....lemonade for stones, cranberry for UTI
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