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Possible kidney stone?

Hello! Fair warning, my issue is not solely kidney related, but I believe it may be cause by my kidney. I am no doctor or expert so I need a second opinion. I am age 19, and I am looking to get a job soon and really pick up my life and get things going. But I have this issue that keep me from being active, which in itself might be the issue. I have had 2 kidney stones already. The first had to be removed at a 7mm size. The 2nd stone was strange though. I got hit with the same pain i had the first time, but in my other kidney, and in fact was a kidney stone when X-rayed or whatever. The pain stopped within a week though and i thought i had passed the stone without knowing. The bleeding and spasms stopped and i went back to my normal college life. But I noticed that after about 4 weeks, the kidney which i had my second stone in would ache, or sting almost. I thought it could be scarring or some kind of permanent damage that couldn't be helped. The pain would sometimes last ALL day, but not often. Usually it would just subside. This was Late 2012, and now July 2013, my kidney pain is still happening, but with an array of other issues. This is making miserable, depressed, anti-social, and moody/sleepy. I have a dull pain in my left side right below my ribs (left kidney was where i had my last stone ) that really doesnt hurt, but feels like something is there. I am also having issues with being constipated often with stomach pains and feeling like i have to go #2, but end up not. Today though, i did go #2 which made me feel soooo much better, but my kidney is starting to annoy me more. I drank 2 bottles of water (500mL) and i havent peed much at all today. When i do go it isnt very much. I know im not dehydrated. Now my question! Could the last stone i had be the same one i have now IF i have one? And could this cause stomach related problems such as bloating, gas, and constipation? I know I need to see a doctor and i plan on scheduling an appointment, but tomorrow is Sunday!! they arent open... If i get to the point where i cannot pee at all, i will take a trip to the ER. I'm just worried this could be more than a stone. I think it could be a stone AND a stomach disease, which ive had many tests for and they found nothing....... My physical shape is quiet good. I am 6ft 3in, weigh 144, but I am not exactly active.... Please! I need opinions. I want to get back to my life D:
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How are you? Do you still have the symptoms that you mentioned? It is possible that the stone is still the same stone especially if it was not removed. However, if you are a stone former, the risk of having new stone should also be ruled out. Imaging studies may need to be done to rule this out. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea may be present but other issues such as  acid peptic diseases may need to be evaluated also. Take care and do keep us posted.  
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I'm so sorry I haven't responded yet. I went to my doctor last week and they informed me that I have chronic Gastritis and IBS. the pain I was having was not a stone, but trapped gas in my esophagus or something, which I was mistaking as a possible stone. Sounds harmless but I can't even function and lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks and I weigh 130lbs now. I'm 6ft 2in. But thankfully I'm on medication now and hopefully ill start gaining weight. Only time will tell.  
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Wow!  How are you feeling now?  Glad it isn't that stone or a new one...

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