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UTI's & kidney infections

I have had numerous UTIs an Kidney infections I have almost lost my R kidney about 5 times. I end up with pylinifritis around my kidneys. I am currantly seein a urologist that is a total quack! I was in the e.r about 2 weeks ago with a uti an had a C.T scan done an showed I had kidney stones. So what should I do now? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks a lot.
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Stones can sometimes be a place that bacteria can "hide" allowing recurring UTIs.  Sometimes eliminating the stones will eliminate or cut down on the frequency of UTIs.  How the stones are approached depends on a lot of factors, but may include lithotripsy, which is breaking up the stones using sound waves, ureteroscopy, which is breaking them up under direct vision using a laser, or PCNL, which is looking into the kidney directly through a small incision in the back, and breaking up and removing the stones with an instrument.
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Thank you for replying back. The hospital said the stone was only 3mm but they have also said that I have infection hiding in scar tissue. And if that is the case also why do they not do anything about it? Or try to remove where the infection is hiding at? I stay in so much pain but yet they say they can't find the infection or they just don't want to do anything about it. I stay on anti biotics an my body is now immune to most antibiotics.
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