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Will the pain get worse?

I've just been diagnosed with my first kidney stone (5mm) and I'm just curious if the pain will get worse?  Right now it feels like I've thrown my back out but concentrated more on the left side.  I'm not taking any pain medication right now because it's not so bad that I can't power through it.  I am terrified every time I go to the bathroom thinking the excruciating pain will hit me.  Am I just being a cry baby with the pain I'm having right now? Does it get worse? I don't know what to expect. Help.
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We all have different pain thresholds and you may be able to handle pain a lot better than me, for example. What I can tell you is that as my stones start to make themselves known, I can handle the pain somewhat as it builds up. After a certain point though, there is no way I can handle it and in fact, normal pain meds like Hydro 10's won't help me very much, for very long! I must get to an emergency room and get a pain shot of something that kills the pain, because it's that bad. Hopefully too, as that pain shot is working the kidney stone works its way through my kidney and out to my bladder. It worked that way for me for many years, up until last Spring when I had three stones and they wouldn't come out on their own and I had to have surgery to remove all three. That was the first time in over 30 years the stone(s) didn't just pass through on their own.

In answer to your question, again it depends on your pain threshold but my 3 stones last spring would give me enough pain that I had to go to the emergency room to get a shot in order to get any relief. At other times, during the two and a half months I had them, the pain wasn't that severe and I could manage it at home with Hydro 10's. Probably your pain will get much worse at times, if I were a betting person.
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Thank you!  It's just miserable. I'm terrified to use the bathroom for fear of shooting pains.
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You may feel nothing at all when your 5.0mm stone passes or you may feel it every step of the way as it makes it way down. Depends on size, shape, and if it has sharp points.

I've had 2.0mm stone send me to the ER with serious infection and obstruction and a 5.0 mm obstruction and yet other times have passed as large as almost 6.0mm without any pain at all.

Keep us posted!

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