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clueless about kidney

Yesterday I went into the ER, l was having horrible pain on my right side right under my rib. They did a cat scan and xray and told me that I have tw kidney stones one in each kidney. I still have no pain on my right side and am wondering if I ever will or if it will just disappear?  Secondly the pain on my left side got worse over night,  it has moved down a little and wrapped around to my back.  The pain is bearable and then out of nowhere unbearable and worse in my back.  I have never had a kidney stone before and now I have two.  I don't really know what to expect is there a chance they could both dissolve?  Or a chance I will pass both?  How long will they take to pass?  And the er doc told me that when kidney stones are in the kidney they do not causes pain if this is the case then why am I in pain?

Thank you for any help
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Oh and they did not tell me how big they were, but the discharge paper work said 1-6mm
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The stones could be at the boundary between the kidney and the ureter. There are many strange ways pain could be triggered. They're unlikely to dissolve. If you have insurance, you should just see a urologist and have them remove the stones and have it over with.
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Ugh! I'm so tired of having doctors say that there is no pain when the stones are in the kidneys!! I finally found a primary as well as an ER doctor that both confirmed there may be pain even if the stones are not passing.

If I were you I'd definitely seek out a urologist and get their opinion. Also, knowing the exact sizes would be helpful to you, as anything larger than about 4mm may not pass on its own. It's unlikely that the stones will dissolve, way more likely that they will pass (eventually...)

I've been waiting 3 months, had a failed lithotripsy, and now have 2 new stones as well as watching the others continue to grow slowly. Definitely get to a urologist as soon as you can so they can check them out!
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