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Should I be concerned about swollen nodes and chest pain?

Hi....I would appreciate any advice anyone can share.  I worry that my doctor is ignoring my symptoms.  I am a 32 year old AA female, and I don't smoke, drink and I don't have any known health issues.

9 months ago I noticed a swollen node on my neck.  My doctor watched it for 1 month and then decided to get an ultrasound done which came back "normal".  That same month, I developed chest pains - to the left of the sternum and above the breast.  I was diagnosed with chostochondritis.  I was not convinced and had heart workups done (EKG, echo, cholesterol tests, etc) which were all normal.  I also went to the ER and the ER doc said that I do not have chostochondritis because my chest would be tender when pressed. I told my GP that....and she just ignored me and said i have chostochondritis and should get steriod injections (I haven't).

I still have chest pains...it feels like a 10 lb flat weight is on  my chest and i have a deep dull achy feeling just to the left of the sternum. Nothing relieves it....it is always there.  I have had two chest x-rays (last one was in May 2009) and they were both normal.  All of my bloodwork has been normal.  In October, I had an EGD and my esophogus was normal.  Believe me.....I want everything to be normal....I just want to make sure nothing is being ignored.

I now have another swollen lymph node on the other side of my neck.  They are both pretty small (less than 1cm) and not painful.  They have not gotten larger.  But i am most concerned because the one on the left has been present for over 9 months....and my chest pains have been present for over 9 months.  I have also had recurrent headaches for 2.5 years with very localized pain (always in the same spot).  

I don't have any other symptoms (no night sweats, fever, fatigue, etc).

Could this be something more than chostochondritis?  Could there actually be something growing in my chest causing the pain despite the normal x-rays from April and May?  Should i be pushing them to rule out lymphoma?

Thank you so much for your time!!!
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