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lymph node on jaw

I recently had soreness by my left jaw and went poking around thought I felt a lymph node. So I went and saw my PCP right away because I had hodgkins lymphoma 7 years ago and he could not feel anything. So he had me do a CBC and everything was perfect. I than started poking around again and found two nodes but they are very mobile. I have to really move my head around to get at them. So I went back to see him and he examined me again and found the small one but he said he only got a quick feel. I guess right now I am a little nervous. I feel confident in my doctor but at the same time my history wont let me relax. The nodes are not obvious and could not be felt without really contorting my head. If the nodes stay the same and do not get bigger is that ok?
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Also i think I have another node of the opposite jawline. The problem is I can't really feel them. I really have to contort my head. I feel they are lymph nodes.
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Hi, I can speak to that as if discussing NHL, but don't really know how HL might differ.

Did your treatment for HL result in decreased immunity? Any teeth problems? Any stress lately, or is anyone near to you sick?

If the bumps/nodes don't grow, then you shouldn't worry too much because even if it *were* cancer then it being so slow growing it might not be treated anyway.

Pressing too much can irritate and cause some swelling.

Hope that might help somewhat.

I really havent had any problems with immunity lately. But I did bite my cheek a day or two before i felt for the nodes.I think the sizes are around 1cm on each side of the jaw. They are almost symmetrical.
I have also had a lot of stress lately.
I thought that I may have had these for awhile to. Maybe they were left over from a infection or from my treatment. I check myself everyday and never felt them. The only reason I did check extensively is because the area around my lower jaw was sore and hurt to tilt my head
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Well, you likely know that people get enlarged nodes all the time from infection. If your marrow was damaged from chemo years ago, then maybe there's some weakened immunity which lets an ordinary infection escape immediate squelching and so you might get enlarged nodes easier.

If the soreness started near the node and not in the node, that tends to say you're just having a node that's 'reacting' to whatever caused the soreness... which could be the bite that let bacteria in.
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