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Colon imacted and lump in throat when I swallow. Bump at the base of my skull

About a month ago I had developed severe constipation. I also around that same time developed a lump feeling in my throat when I swallow. After two weeks I had labs done . Everything came back normal. A week or so later I had my physical. By this time I had been severely constipated for a month + and the lump was still in my throat. I am on a natural 30 day herbal cleanse. I can now have a bowel movement once per day. But it's not loose as it was with laxitives and my stomach isn't as bloated. But I still feel pressure above the navel and around that whole area as though something is there. The lump is gradually getting worse. I have a muscle/bump on the back of my head and the doctor thought originally that was causing the neck lump when I swallow.

Doctor has done an exam , I had cervical soft tissue xrays of my neck yesterday. No results yet. Constipation is better but I know something is not right.

No real fever. I usually run 98 something to 99 at one point in the day. I have no idea if I should demand a stomach ultrasound? A colonoscopy> Are my lymph nodes enlarged due to cancer? How would I know anything is cancer? This week I had two mammograms and an ultrasound. Small cyst or fibroid(?) but tiny and nothing to be concerned with. (or do I push to look harder?)
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Your symptoms are kind of all over the map and don't fit neatly into one specific diagnosis IMO.  Constipation isn't usually a common symptom of leukemia or lymphoma, but the lumps you feel could be enlarged lymph nodes...most likely caused by something other than cancer.  Have you seen a specialist?  If you continue to feel the lumps and have that uncomfortable feeling above your navel, it might be good to see a gastroenterologist.  It seems reasonable to me to ask about having a colonoscopy, but maybe the specialist will have a better suggestion.  Are you staying well hydrated and eating lots of fiber?  Are you avoiding foods that are known to cause it (like cheese)?

In order to know if a lump is cancerous a biopsy must be done on it.  However, your doctor may avoid that if you have no other symptoms that suggest cancer is a possibility.  Good luck and please keep us posted on what you find out.
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I agree. They are. The only consistency is that the lump in my throat and the constipation happened at the same time. So I have since seen my PCP three times. I have had a soft tissue xray, no abnormalities. I have had an ultrasound of my throat, nothing showed. She even asked me again where I was feeling the lump when I swallow. My thyroid looks great, no nodes and my glands are fine.

The constipation has gotten much much better with Dual Action Cleanse. I have been taking an herbal cleanse. And its really helping. But, I have noticed that my stools are still not a normal consistency. And most days now I feel MUCH better, but I still notice that my abdomen seems to stick out more than it did before.

So now I am thinking that I am going to have him take a different approach and have them look at my abdomen. Perhaps it is GERD and I am just not text book symptomatic. I don't have reflux or heartburn often. If at all. But my stomach still is not totally right. And I do have ringing in my right ear which is bugging me to death.

Weirdest thing I have ever dealt with. Also scheduling a chiropractic apt to see if getting adjusted will help things at all.

I have no weight loss or gain to speak of. I have no jaundice
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