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Hard, Immobile lump (lympth node) behind my ear.

I've had this swollen node since the beginning of November.  It doesn't hurt or anything it's just odd.  About 3 weeks ago my stomach started hurting after I ate (that sucked) and it still does kind of but not to the extent it did before.  I've also been getting sharp pains that normally don't last more than a minute on my right side below/equal with my rib cage.  Lately they've been hurting a bit longer than a minute though.  They're at random times, it doesn't have to do with eating our anything.  During the past week, the sharp pains have spread to the other side (left) too.  I'm 15.  I haven't been to the doctor yet.  My mom likes to ignore things.  Help?
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The enlarged lymph node behind your ear could be due to a previous infection in the head and neck area.  Most of the time, even with resolution of infection, the lymph nodes persist to be enlarged.  
You abdominal pain could be caused by several conditions like acid peptic disease or non-ulcer dyspepsia.
It would be best to consult your physician for proper evaluation and management.
Good luck.
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