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Lymph node lump by collar bone

Has anyone ever had a swollen node by there collarbone...but ofcourse ended up to be ok and not cancer :-/ as doing research I see that a lump in this area has got to be the worsed :( which is what I've got. Please advise
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Yes, I've been doing research and I've read about swollen lymph nodes at the collar bone.  Also, I just had an Ultra Sound of my thyroid done, and the results show that I have a swollen lymph node on the isthmus of my thyroid (the bridge that connects the right and left lobes of the thyroid), and I think that would be located near the collar bone.
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Hey, did you figure out what was wrong with you?

I have a quarter sized lump on my collar bone (right one) and I would like to know what the heck it is.

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Hi, went to doc's today about lump on neck just above collar bone and another higher up on other side of neck.

Had these for a couple of months and apparently have more smaller lumps that I hadn't noticed. Doc thinks all ok and nothing sinister but feeling a bit worried anyway.

Anyway, if you've had any teeth pain etc that can be a cause x
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I can only tell you about my case. Lump on neck right side. lymphnodes, had headache and nerve pain on side of head and lower jaw. Was given 10 day clindomycin. Helped some.

Bottom line: After needle biopsy ( unclonclusive tumor necrotic),laryngoscopy. Open biopsy pathology indicated NHL Large cell. Amost from ear to clavicle. Fortunately stage 1. localized.

Start with a Internist or ENT.

Yes rule out tumor ASAP!

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