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Hi. Thanks to anyone that has read this. Within the last year I haven't been feeling right. i going swollen lymph nodes on each side of my neck months ago. Then found one behind my right jaw underneath my ear. That one is very hard. Not moveable and seems to be getting bigger. Had an ultrasound that showed 3 that were about 1.5-2cm. 3 without ecogenic hilum. The ultrasound report said they can not be sonographicallly characterized as benign. So they did an FNA on the two largest. Came out benign. Right before the biopsy one had also become enlarged in the back of my neck. I'm seeing a different doc now and he doesn't understand why the hard one wasn't biopsied so I am going to go for that soon. As far as symptoms, I am exhausted and weak. Had a headache about 2 months back that lasted for 3 weeks straight, now it's a few times a week. Have had side pain behind my left ribs and below for 3 months straight. Now it's on and off. Can't eat much without feeling incredibly full, for at least 6 or more hours afterward. Have stomach pain and diarrhea. And have recently had upper stomach pain where. I can't ly in my stomach.  In October i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without trying. I am again starting to drop weight. I have had night sweats on and off for a long time and they are now constant every night. I can't seem to get comfortable even throughout the day. I either feel like it's 100 degrees or I have chills. My CBC showed elevated WBC. It was 11.2 and about a month later increased to 12.8. I've been having chronic eye infections for about a year as well as chronic yeast infection every month. I've been tested for Lyme, mono, HIV, Syphiliis (which I new would both come out negative) all negative. Thyroid is normal. Now I'm being sent for a chest X-ray as well as the second biopsy. It gets very frustrating always feeling like garbage. I am starting to become worried and my doc suggested that if we can't figure it out I should maybe see a hematologist. Has anyone been through this contellation of symptoms? The hard node is what is very concerning to me.
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Also, may I add, I gave some shortness of breath upon any exertion and a constant pressure in the middle of my chest.
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Also, the nodes are not painful. The only one that is tender is the hard one, only if pushed on I think it's because it's right up against the jaw line. Otherwise I don't feel pain in any of them.
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